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  1. Bump. Thanks to all who sent PM's, replied to all.
  2. I'm located in Batavia,NY. It's between buffalo and Rochester.
  3. Thanks or the interesr but As of right now not really interested in trades, trying to get out of airsoft do I can put some more cash down on my new mustang.
  4. Hey guys, looking to get out of airsoft an wanting to sell my ares m110. It's been used over te past yet so it does have some battle damage marks on the rails and muzzle break, where to paint has been chiped of but otherwise is in very good condition. It is missing the extendable end to the stock as it was lost during my last game. Comes with a 9.6 2200mA battery as well so its ready to go from box! Asking $250 plus shipping but open to offers. Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks, im new to adding pics to this forum so didnt quite figure it out.
  6. After seeing a few people design there own M40 stocks I've decided to the same. I've loved the stock design and it is very popular and to me just looks cool . I will be starting this project and build the stock while slowly buying upgrade parts to build my rifle from scratch. *Update One* I found a deal on a bonyard stock for $5.00 which is nice on the budget for me. I filled it with a 2 part solid resin to make it durable, and added 2 aluminum stays to help when I cut the grip out later. http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb446/..._Gavenda/P1.jpg I also added 2 bolts, later im going to use these in the buttstock so it can be adjusted back and forth for LOP adjustment. Havent seen it done before but it will be nice to have. http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb446/..._Gavenda/P1.jpg Everything is setting at the moment, wish me luck!
  7. I really like the tokyo marui G18 as a backup weapon for my sniper rifle. But I want to add a suppresor to it and have currently found no threaded outer barrels for one, only KSC g18's. Anybody know where I can get one? Thanks.
  8. Actually you can make a very good shooting sniper rifle under 400 fps, to start get the Jg Bar 10. You can downgrade the spring to about 330 fps and get a TK Twist barrel. These barrels work only around the 300 fps range and form a rifled spin in addition to the hopup so with only 300 fps you'll be able to hit out the 250'+ with a good hop up bucking like the KA or the Nineball buckings. Durability upgardes are your choice but accuracy wise those are the things to get and of course the scope of your choice. ;)
  9. So as some of you guys know Nickswimsfast has made Acrylic VSR-10 hop up arms to the up-most quality. I was unable to find any place that I could actually get one however. I believe he has stopped making them, but is there anywhere you can still get one or a new age equivilant of one of these hop-up arms? I plan on using the PDI SS 5000 spring in my VSR as a target gun and need a better hop up arm for the building pressure in my gun, Thanks!
  10. Not to thread jack but are there modifications necassary to a real remington 700 aftermarket stock to fit with the tanaka m700 setup? I would love to pick up a McMillian M40A3 stock for my baby. :)
  11. Hey guys, Im new to the whole gas gun thing. I've recently ordered a tanaka m700 and I've heard that you can use short action real steel stock on these rifles. Is this true? If so I have a stock I would love to put on my rifle ( http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/sid=50972/s...00_SA_V_T_Stock ), is this compatable with the tanaka m700? Thanks for the Help!
  12. Sorry for the double post guys but I have one other question, what am I gonna need to mount the magpul PRS stock onto the Ares m110? Do I just need a buffer tube or something? im new to AEG's and the armalite variants in general. thanks!
  13. Actually Bioval bb's are 5.97mm so its the same as the regular 5.98mm bb in a 6.01 barrel so I may actually end up getting a 5.99 inner barrel
  14. OK thanks, sorry if I missed it but what is an STS?
  15. Actually Biovals are 5.97mm so theres the same distance as a 5.99 regular bb with a 6.01 barrel so its all good ;)
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