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  1. Hey guys I recently beat this game, and only bought it to play with my buddy as the last co op game we played before he went off in the military . It is in perfect condition and comes with Resident Evil 6 Disc Resident Evil 5 Gold HD Download Code Resident Evil 4 HD Download Code Resident Evil X HD Download Code Resident Evil Degeneration Movie Disc Resident Evil.Voice Over Pack Disc It cost me 93 dollars at walmart, but I will sell for 70 OBO( Or best offer) Paypal only, no trades.
  2. The buyer did get a good deal, but that's the sellers probem for selling it so cheap. He cant misrepresent a product even if it is a good deal and expect a happy buyer. I sold a systema m4 for 700 when it was worth 1900, if even one thing was not as I described the 1200 dollar savings doesnt magically make up for my lie. I did like how he said " damaged bipod " lol . Just semd the buyer 20 bucks and move on ...
  3. I would leave neutral feedback even if you get the items because overall the deal wasnt positive, something like. I did eventually receive what I bought, but it took weeks and I lost all communication for a long time.
  4. Ive owned one and sold it for 380 in perfect working condition. 200 could leave room for profit if the damage is truly minor, if not the gun is a pain to work on. Also consider it is a collectors item stock, youll need upgrades to be competitive with it vs say a jg m4.
  5. Hey guys , Airsoft recently died in my area so I sold all my guns but this one since it shot great was reliable and budget friendly, but now im pushed even farther from airsoft so im letting my last gun go. Iactually wrote this review on the gun a while back. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Javelin-...ew-t216330.html As of now it is still mint condition externally , shoots great and ill throw in 2 bags of high quality bbs with the purchase.(KSC ). Before shipping out I will test it personally but it hasnt left the box in months and has less then 2000 total shots. My Price : 160 Price in stores : 209.99 http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-JM-AK-08BLK.htm If you want any customized pictures to prove I own the gun pm me and I will put your username next to the gun within 20minutes of reading it.
  6. bump....next 2 days only.....110+ shipping........wow........110 dollars off for a mint condition gun shot just to do the review...... 110+ shipping!!!!
  7. Bump....ive never took this long to sell a gun in my life, and when I really need the money I cant sell it , sweet!
  8. nope but you can get a brand new gun 70 dollars off :)
  9. bump......ill give it away to a homeless guy before I sell it any cheaper
  10. 150!! thats 70 dollars off new price and and you KNOW IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY. Shot around 100 shots.
  11. One and only price drop untiil I go to a local game and sell it... 170. That is 50 dollars off retail and its brand new , you would be better off buying it from me anyway because you KNOW it works 100%. Ill ship the same day most likely or the next for sure and give you free insurance and tracking within 30min of shipment. Pm me if you have the paypal ready and I will send you a personalized picture you request with the gun in it.
  12. Hey guys, I am really trying to pursue my fitness career and need money for education and opening a gym, so that means I am going to sell this Javelin gun I recently reviewed. I hoped I would primary it but I just don't have the extra money to airsoft for a long time so I might as well sell it to someone who can enjoy it now and I can put the money towards my education so I would really appreciate a buyer. BUT am in no way desperate for money and this is a solid gun so I could just sell it locally if I take it to one game when I play again. There is plenty of pictures in my review but I can snap any personalized pictures in 3 minutes for serous buyers. So if you want a picture with say your username and the date , time ect just ask. Also I always pay for tracking and insurance myself, for the standard shipping charge I let the buyer pay( like 13 bucks or so on this I would guess) I can give you a receipt of the shipping Via fedex or USPS and ship 90% of the time within 24 hours of payment and same day if you pay earlier. Here is the link to the review http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Javelin-...ew-t216330.html Asking Price: 150 Paypal, which I think is way too low but oh well because it averages 209-219.99 in retailers and is out of stock everywhere. Also I only shot it to test it for the review and it has no visible wear at all. I have sold 1000s and 1000s of dollars of guns here(Multiple systemas worth over 2,000 each) and am a straightforward guy so if you feel interested in the gun shoot me a pm with any question you may have and we can work something out. Thanks, Brad
  13. NASM is the best in the business and it took me along time to get but I finally got it. I ended up being in the top 7% of anyone who has ever taken the test! and finished a 2 hour test in 26 minutes! but I a m continuing my education nonetheless and will be opening my own training facility hopefully when I am done. /End Self Praise and in before cool story bros....LOL
  14. Its in in the rules you can't leave negative feedback for these types of issues, because this is life and crap happens. I can't link to the page right now because I am on my phone though. Just be smart for who you hold it for, I only hold items for friends and have never had a issue even on 3000 dollar sales. But if I held for everyone I'd probably get hooked 90% of the time.
  15. Thank you, and yep I love these guns, they work flawlessly and are very accurate. On the rebranding topic, I look at a gun for what it costs and how well it performs so It doesn't really matter to me. Javelin being controlled by Spartan imports I KNOW has good quality control and a easy to use warranty so I like this version. Also if you buy it from a company like Airsplat( Spartan imports doesn't sell to individuals) you know your getting the latest version. And sorry dusti I haven't opened it. I'm very busy these days and don't open guns unless there's a issue. But from being at a airshop shop years from what I can tell it will be a long lasting gun. It hasn't had any hiccups and doesn't lock up or misfeed. But that's all I can say now.
  16. I don't know if it is, but if its the same model / version as I reviewed whoever said their crappy either got a lemon or knows nothing about Airsoft guns. As anyone can see there is nothing " crappy" about this one. Also It could be good ol elitism showing up and saying" I payed 400 for my gun and he payed 200 for that? CRAPPPPP" Which is cool because I've owned 1900 dollar guns.
  17. Nope your clearly right my awesome been up 23 hour brain divided 90 by 50.
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