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    Basic Workout Knowledge

    Hello , being a certified personal trainer through NASM and working out for a few years ive learned as much as I can about the fitness industry, airsoft has a lot to do with fitness , especially the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. If your not in somewhat decent shape you wont last long holding a 7 lb gun and maybe 30 lbs in gear running around the field ( especially large fields and big events). And the better shape your in you have even more advantages, you don't get tired as fast, can run faster to certain objectives etc. When I have time ill make it way more in depth, but this is just a basic idea of which exercises I think are best for each muscle group. For now I cant explain each workout and teach you how to do all of them, but give you help on picking which ones you like then you can watch how to do them somewhere else. Shoulders Your shoulders , along with many other muscles(Tricep, Bicep, Forearm ect) are used for holding the gun in firing positions and strengthening these will be a big benefit. Weighted Raises - These are very simple and effective. You do front raises , side raises and back raises, High repetitions(10+) for muscle endurance( airsoft needs) High weight low repetions(5) for Weightlifting and Powerlifting( Strength goals) Presses - These are mainly for strength based athletes , they greatly improve strength and mass(muscle) quickly because you can use heavy weight. There are many variations such as: Military press- key for strength Push press- good for explosiveness Arnold Press- Advanced movement dumbell press variations- Scultping muscle Those are just a few , and my favorite is the standard seated military press. Rows - These don't always use your shoulders as a agonist ( primary muscle ) but are great exercises , I mainly recommend for joint safety and strength to do bent over " chest supported rows". Triceps - Some of your main pushing muscles in your body , these are also used for punching ect , and make up 70% of your arm , so they are great for real world uses and for showing off, my favorite muscle groups! Pushups - The closer your hand placement on pushups the more you use your triceps so get close! Bench Press- these support your chest in bench pressing , and are the key to increasing your max( I was stuck at 305 bench press for months before I found my weakness was my triceps). Flat barbell bench presses are best for strength but also incorporate Decline and Incline bench pressing. The closer your grip the more you use your triceps! ]Lying Extension - A great exercise for all the triceps heads ( there are 3) and mass builder. I use heavy dumbells and lay on the floor. Biceps - Everyone probably knows how to work these , as they are the most trained muscle , but just do curls , I recommend dumbell curls. You can alternate raising and lowering each arm or do both at same time, go light and hit high reps (8+) for size. Forearms - Important for arm wrestling and used to aid grip strength, The primary way to work these are forearm rollers or wrist curls , I recommend the rollers ( a tube attached to a rope , you roll the tube to pull the weight up the rope.) Lats - These give your body a V shape and are mainly visible under your arms. Lat pull downs- Great for those who cant do pullups Pullups- great for people with no access to a gym, vary your grip to work different muscles. If you cant do at least 5 pullups( the average American can only do 1)Just jump up and put yourself in the top of the pullup position , then lower your self slowly and repeat , this will have you doing 5+ in no time! Traps- what people consider your " neck muscles" These grow very fast on most people. the main way to work them and basically only way that focuses on them is shrugs, very simple , I prefer to use dumbells and really work the muscle with resp(20+). Chest- The bench presses primary muscle, one of the hardest yet most admired lift in the world. To train this you need do a lot of reps from different angles ( incline , decline , flat, flys ect) and some days lift heavy. Flat , Decline and Incline bench press- You can go heaviest on these lifts and develop strength the fastest Dumbell flys- these add muscle quickly to you triceps , shoulders and triceps. Pushups- great for people without access to a gym Core- This is a vast amount of muscles and will take a while to cover but the basic idea.... General core Crunchs( I recommend over situps) situps- puts a lot of strain on back Push crunch Decline crunch ( my favorite, I prefer weighted) Obliques(Sides of core)- These can give you a much fuller look and are easy to work , just do weighted twists and twisting crunches. Leg Workouts- Most people do not like training the lower body , but its very important if you train the lower body it will in return help your upper body increase faster( long explanation ill do later) General Leg Workouts Back squat- You can use most weight to increase leg gains faster Front squat- incorporates shoulders and biceps lightly Zerker squats- Advanced lift Overhead Squat- Uses upper body stabilizing muscles Box squat- Great for explosiveness Calves- Mainly a showoff muscle but oh well. Calf raises are the main exercise , I prefer 1 leg body weight calf raises. Thighs( Quadriceps and Hamstrings) Leg press Lunges- I love walking lunges Step ups - Low repetition heavy weight step ups greatly improve speed and strength Leg curl - Hamstring aid General Advice - For Size , mainly do high reps , low weight - For Strength do high weight low reps -when starting off always use perfect form( later on advanced "cheating" can be implemented) Ill add way more later.......And edits coming soon, If you see a typing error , or feel inormation is wrong pm me
  2. Hey guys I recently beat this game, and only bought it to play with my buddy as the last co op game we played before he went off in the military . It is in perfect condition and comes with Resident Evil 6 Disc Resident Evil 5 Gold HD Download Code Resident Evil 4 HD Download Code Resident Evil X HD Download Code Resident Evil Degeneration Movie Disc Resident Evil.Voice Over Pack Disc It cost me 93 dollars at walmart, but I will sell for 70 OBO( Or best offer) Paypal only, no trades.
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    Bodybuilding is a very advanced branch of weightlifting, bodybuilders focus only on muscle growth(hypertrophy) and not strength , some Pro bodybuilders cant even bench press 200 lbs , while they are twice as big as men who can bench press 500. Bodybuilding goes back as far as 1880 , when people first where learning how to really develop muscles. But it has developed over the years with the use of illegal aids, bodybuilders are getting bigger and bigger every year. Bodybuilders of todays world are twice as big as the "world champions" of the 1960s. Like I mentioned before there are illegal aids in bodybuilding but there are many Natural only competitions. Bodybuilding is a great sport to show off your determination and will power because it takes most people years to develop a " bodybuilding physique".
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    Issue with combatcontrol

    The buyer did get a good deal, but that's the sellers probem for selling it so cheap. He cant misrepresent a product even if it is a good deal and expect a happy buyer. I sold a systema m4 for 700 when it was worth 1900, if even one thing was not as I described the 1200 dollar savings doesnt magically make up for my lie. I did like how he said " damaged bipod " lol . Just semd the buyer 20 bucks and move on ...
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    Time to take action?

    I would leave neutral feedback even if you get the items because overall the deal wasnt positive, something like. I did eventually receive what I bought, but it took weeks and I lost all communication for a long time.
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    How much is a TM PGS-1 worth?

    Ive owned one and sold it for 380 in perfect working condition. 200 could leave room for profit if the damage is truly minor, if not the gun is a pain to work on. Also consider it is a collectors item stock, youll need upgrades to be competitive with it vs say a jg m4.
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    Javelin Ak-74 EBB

    Hey guys , Airsoft recently died in my area so I sold all my guns but this one since it shot great was reliable and budget friendly, but now im pushed even farther from airsoft so im letting my last gun go. Iactually wrote this review on the gun a while back. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Javelin-...ew-t216330.html As of now it is still mint condition externally , shoots great and ill throw in 2 bags of high quality bbs with the purchase.(KSC ). Before shipping out I will test it personally but it hasnt left the box in months and has less then 2000 total shots. My Price : 160 Price in stores : 209.99 http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-JM-AK-08BLK.htm If you want any customized pictures to prove I own the gun pm me and I will put your username next to the gun within 20minutes of reading it.
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    Javelin Ak-74 EBB

  9. lonewolf1990

    Fitness Test- no gym required

    Hey guys , this is a test anyone can do to test there fitness, very basic and no equipment needed, just your own body and some determination. RULES ------------------------------ start a timer when you begin and don't stop until final rep done If possible log how long it takes for each exercise , to learn your weakness Note which was hardest and which was easiest for you! Remember it doesnt matter ifi t takes you 50 minutes or 2 minutes ocmplete the whole thing, take a break but leave that clock running! Do reps as fast as possible but always use perfect form THE WORKOUT ------------------------------------------------ START TIME 50 pushups( not on knees, touch chest to ground fully extend arms) 50 crunchs( textbook crunch! no super low crunch!) 50 body weight squats( go down to parrallel) 25 jumping jacks STOP TIME If you do not know what any of these exercises are just ask!
  10. Hey guys, I am really trying to pursue my fitness career and need money for education and opening a gym, so that means I am going to sell this Javelin gun I recently reviewed. I hoped I would primary it but I just don't have the extra money to airsoft for a long time so I might as well sell it to someone who can enjoy it now and I can put the money towards my education so I would really appreciate a buyer. BUT am in no way desperate for money and this is a solid gun so I could just sell it locally if I take it to one game when I play again. There is plenty of pictures in my review but I can snap any personalized pictures in 3 minutes for serous buyers. So if you want a picture with say your username and the date , time ect just ask. Also I always pay for tracking and insurance myself, for the standard shipping charge I let the buyer pay( like 13 bucks or so on this I would guess) I can give you a receipt of the shipping Via fedex or USPS and ship 90% of the time within 24 hours of payment and same day if you pay earlier. Here is the link to the review http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Javelin-...ew-t216330.html Asking Price: 150 Paypal, which I think is way too low but oh well because it averages 209-219.99 in retailers and is out of stock everywhere. Also I only shot it to test it for the review and it has no visible wear at all. I have sold 1000s and 1000s of dollars of guns here(Multiple systemas worth over 2,000 each) and am a straightforward guy so if you feel interested in the gun shoot me a pm with any question you may have and we can work something out. Thanks, Brad
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    Mint Condition Javelin Tactical EBB AK-74

    bump....next 2 days only.....110+ shipping........wow........110 dollars off for a mint condition gun shot just to do the review...... 110+ shipping!!!!
  12. The Exact Gun I am Reviewing : http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-JM-AK-08BLK.htm Tan Version: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-JM-AK-08TAN.htm Index ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Impressions Basic Real Steel History Comparison Between Real Steel And Airsoft A In Depth External Look Included Battery And Charger M4 Tube Stock Grip Selector Switch Charging Handle Hopup Iron Sights Magazine Catch(Magwell) Handuards Flashhider Finish Folding Handgrip Tactical Rails Included Magazine and Compatiblity Performance Breakdown Chrono Accuracy Rounds Per Second Overall Skirmishability Conclusion My Thoughts And Score Thoughts of Other Players ABOUT ME -------------------------------------- Playing Airsoft for many years, I have owned dozens of guns including 3 Systema PTWs (1500-2700 dollar loadouts) and shot 95% of Airsoft gun models. But in the end, I am a player, I have helped lead many operations and attended multiple 24+ hour operations myself. So I know what a gun has to do in order for it to be effective on and off the field. If after reading this review you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them here or PM me. First Impressions --------------------------------------- Recently while browseng the forum I have noticed how many questions people have had about the new Javelin line of AEGs and when Airsplat gave me the opportunity to review one I jumped on it.I have always considered Airsplat a great retailer in the past and they are definitely showing A+ quality now. I received my package today, in 5 days(They processed it the same day) and it was expertly packaged, definitely better quality then most retailers provide these days. Externally the gun is beautiful at a glance and I can't wait to get a better look at it. I can already tell it is a quality piece. Times are definitely changing, I used to expect to spend 400 or 500 dollars to get a AEG of this quality, but in the low 200 range this seems like a steal! And the gun's packaging was some of the nicest I have ever seen, about the same quality as G&Gs.( G&G, I have always said to have the best packaging) Included With The Gun: Manual, Airsplat Sticker, Magazine, Battery, Charger, Sample BBs, And Cleaning Rod Real Steel History ---------------------------------------------------- (Taken From Various Trustworthy Sites) Basics The AK-74 (Russian: Автомат Калашникова образца 1974 года or "Kalashnikov automatic rifle model 1974") is a 5.45mm assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union. It was developed from the earlier AKM (itself a refined version of the AK-47) and introduced in 1974. The rifle first saw service with Soviet forces engaged in the Afghanistan conflict. Presently, the rifle continues to be used by the majority of countries of the former USSR. Additionally, unlicensed copies were produced in Bulgaria (AK-74 and AKS-74U), the former East Germany (MPi-AK-74N, MPi-AKS-74N, MPi-AKS-74NK) and Romania (PA md. 86).[3][4][5] Besides former Soviet republics and eastern European countries, Mongolia, North Korean Special Forces, and Vietnamese Naval infantry use AK-74s. Common Real Steel Accessories Accessories supplied with the rifle include a 6H4 or 6H5 type bayonet, a quick-loading device, three spare magazines, four 15-round stripper clips, maintenance kit, cleaning rod and sling. The bayonet is installed by slipping the muzzle ring around the flash hider and latching the handle down on the bayonet lug under the front sight base. The rifle fires the intermediate 5.45x39mm M74 rifle ammunition that includes the jacketed, steel-core 7N6 bullet, 7T3 tracer round and a blank cartridge. The ammunition was developed by a team of designers led by Victor Sabelnikov. Real Steel Specs To Airsoft Comparison Barrel Length 415mm Versus 460mm(Airsoft) Weight 7.2 Lbs Versus 7lbs( Airsoft) Length 943mm Versus 950mm(Airsoft) Rate Of Fire 600rpm Versus 960(16rps) Javelin's Specifications ---------------------------------- Specifications: Fire Control Selections: Safe-Semi-Full Auto Battery Type Included: 8.4V Stick Type Average Velocity Out Of The Box: 410 Feet Per Second ( My Results:408 Average) Cyclic Rate of Fire: 750-850 rounds per minute( Mine came in at 960rpm) Overall Length: 950mm Weight: 7lbs. Barrel Length: 460mm Magazine Capacity: 500rd Individually Serial Numbered Full Metal Body Railed Upper and Lower Handguard Adjustable Battery Storage Stock with Rail( I Love This!!!!!) Folding Vertical Grip Electric Blowback In Depth External Look Included Battery And Charger The included battery is a 8.4 volt and 800 mah which surprisingly lasts through a lot of shooting , but you may need a backup for all day operations with no charging available. The charger iteself is a very nice looking charger and well made , it has a red light on it that lights up when you connect it to a electrical source , but it will not change color or give any sign the battery is fully charged so time appropriately. Stock and Buffer Tube The stock... can I just take it off and put it on my m4 please? Yes it is that nice of a stock, it feels solid with absolutely no wobble and has compartments to store batteries( For Flashlights, Lasers ect) on each side. It also has a tactical rail on it , it is extremely beautiful and my favorite feature about the gun , I like it as much as my Systema's stock. The buffer tube itself also looks nice with the stock fully extended, it has nice indentions and a great finish on it just like the rest of the gun. Grip The grip is very ergonomic, it fits great in your hand and feels perfect. Everyone who has held it agreed it was very comfortable and had a nice sleek look to it. Selector Switch This leads to another awesome feature about the gun, it has tactical selector switch extension which makes going from safe to semi and full auto effortless. I can keep my hand on the grip and still switch it with my trigger finger. This alone is a huge advantage over standard AKs. Charging Handle The charging handle has a lot of tension and slams back shut making a satisfying noise. You can definitely adjust the hopup with ease but I wish it was a little looser. Hopup The hopup is a little flimsy , but thats not a problem because its very easy to adjust and stays in place well. With it all the way off you can notice your bbs drop and all the way on they go for the sky( Even with heavier bbs like .25s), just how it should work. The Iron Sights The iron sights are standard, very nicely detailed and easy to adjust. Magazine Release Building on it being a tactical AK, it includes a tactical magazine release right under the trigger guard which is clean , easy to use and always works. The way it should be. Magazine Catch(Magwell) The magazine magwell works perfect with the provided magazine and all the other aftermarket magazines I tryed , the magazines clicks in easily, feeds great and will stay secure until you press the tactical magazine release. The Handguards The handguards finish is great, and the tactical rails on each side and the top and bottom make putting accessories on this AK a piece of cake. Also removing the handguards couldn't be easier , as all you do is flip a switch holding the top one in place. The Flashhider The flashhider is...... huge , but safety first! It is very wobbly at first but if you tighten the front sight and it down using the screw on the bottom, the wobble will go away. Also it isn't a BRIGHT ORANGE , like most flashhiders so it actually wont give your position away as much as you'd think. Very clever color scheme! The Overall Finish Like I keep saying , the finish on this gun is stunning, it looks very well made and came with NO blemishes, which is actually rarer then you would think , I have bought a lot of guns only to see they have scratchs and marks already on them. Also since the finish is so good its more resistant to scratches and wear , which means I expect it to look in this brand new condition for a long time. The Folding Handgrip The front handgrip is quick detachable, which is a awesome feature, and provides great support to the gun. It is also very comfortable and I could even see people using it on other guns they own as well, just because of its quality. This is not your standard free grip , it is the same quality as ones stores sell for 30+ dollars. The Included Magazine The magazine itself is another feature I love, lightweight but durable and easy to wind. It also has a great finish and tactical look to it, and with its 500 bb capacity you will have plenty of ammo. Performance Breakdown --------------------------------------------------- Chrono Doing a chrono test with .20 Airsplat BBs the results were consistent enough to prove there are no air leaks and it is put together well. Results:407, 407, 409, 407, 407, 407 Accuracy Ill tell you the truth , this a beautiful gun and the blowback is crisp , but what really matters to me in any gun is the accuracy because I play regularly and never want to be outclassed because of my gun. And with this gun you sure wont EVER feel outclassed, I fielded it with .20 airsplat bbs( I normally use .25-.28 ) and wow , it shoots in the same ballpark ( or better)as any high end gun out there (G&G,ICS,G&P ect). Ive owned many Systemas so I know how accurate a AEG can be and their limits and this can get to the top end of that accuracy limit very easily. If I used heavier BBs and adjusted my hopup perfectly and got used to the gun I could engage human sized targets at 200feet easily. Currently with .20s and it being my first time using it I could still hit human sized targets at 170 feet ( measured) in semi auto repeatedly. Summary: I play with a lot of people using Systemas and upgraded AEGS , but I know ill never be at a big disadvantage running this stock with .25-.28 bbs. Rounds Per Second Using the stock battery it shoots 15-16rps( measured using a chronograph and a online tool). This is definitely fast enough for more CQB matchs but in the field ill be sticking to semi auto anyway because of its superb accuracy. Just for reference , it will take right around 34 seconds to empty a completely loaded magazine ( 500 rounds).( Estimated, I don't feel like hosing 500 bbs away) Overall Skirmishability( Concerning The Blowback) Again , the blowback sounds nice and crisp and is a great feature for realism players as it adds a more realistic sound. On the downside it does give away your position more then the standard silent AEGs you may be used to. But personally I like this as it adds realism, but some may not like it. Also the blowback mechanism has 2 small issues..... Say you just got your gun , you will most likely try to shoot it right when you get it hoping the battery will be charged enough to test it, if the battery was not charged enough it will only partially fire and guess what that does? It will leave the dust cover and blowback mechanism pushed back and cause it to get "stuck". Now even if you charge the battery fully if you try to fire it wont work, why? Because the dust cover is jammed from being partly shot before , to fix this you will have to easily pull the dustcover back and push it forward closing it. Now your gun will shoot normally. Notice: This will also happen if your battery goes dead mid shot, so watch out for this. The other issue is how you put the battery in the gun , normally in AKs you just pull off the top receiver and plug it in and close it back up. But remember in this gun the blowback is moving in the top receiver, so you need to push the battery IN the hand guard, it has a hole and tube for it to slide into and will leave it out of the way of the blowbacks movement. If you do not do this it can break your blowback. Conclusion My Overall Thoughts And Score Appearance(Finish and Build Quality) : 22 out of 25 ( -3 for slight wobble_ Overall Performance: 25 out of 25 Handling and Feel( This is a TACTICAL AK): 25 out of 25( Can I go Higher?) Ease Of Use ( general upkeep, installing the battery, motor access, barrel cleaning ect.) 21 out of 25(-2 for the battery installation( hard to swap the on field without practice because it takes a while to slide it in) and -2 for the blowback issue of locking up TOTAL: 93 out of 100 A solid A-score is pretty rare at all these days and for 200 dollars this is stunning. I compared it to any gun, in any price range throughout the review and it still got a great score. Everyone who saw the gun locally loved its finish , and everyone who held it agreed it's feel and weight balance is perfect. This gun will get you many comments at any field and that coupled with its great performance makes it a real winner.
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    Mint Condition Javelin Tactical EBB AK-74

    Bump....ive never took this long to sell a gun in my life, and when I really need the money I cant sell it , sweet!
  14. lonewolf1990

    Mint Condition Javelin Tactical EBB AK-74

    nope but you can get a brand new gun 70 dollars off :)
  15. lonewolf1990

    Mint Condition Javelin Tactical EBB AK-74

    bump......ill give it away to a homeless guy before I sell it any cheaper
  16. lonewolf1990

    Mint Condition Javelin Tactical EBB AK-74

    150!! thats 70 dollars off new price and and you KNOW IT WORKS FLAWLESSLY. Shot around 100 shots.
  17. lonewolf1990

    Mint Condition Javelin Tactical EBB AK-74

    One and only price drop untiil I go to a local game and sell it... 170. That is 50 dollars off retail and its brand new , you would be better off buying it from me anyway because you KNOW it works 100%. Ill ship the same day most likely or the next for sure and give you free insurance and tracking within 30min of shipment. Pm me if you have the paypal ready and I will send you a personalized picture you request with the gun in it.
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    Got my Certification

    NASM is the best in the business and it took me along time to get but I finally got it. I ended up being in the top 7% of anyone who has ever taken the test! and finished a 2 hour test in 26 minutes! but I a m continuing my education nonetheless and will be opening my own training facility hopefully when I am done. /End Self Praise and in before cool story bros....LOL