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  1. Hi everyone, does anyone know more about these Adventure line magazines for sale on eBay. They look like premium quality because they also make real rifle magazines, but not much info online about the airsoft line. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/ADVENTURE-LINE-MFG-CO-INC-Airsoft-magazines-for-M4-M16-AirSoft-Rifle-Lot-of-4/202653961443?hash=item2f2f1e0ce3:g:U04AAOSw8yxcs7gS
  2. do they still sell shells for this gun, if it is worth something, I would like to clean it up and sell it in working mint condition. if it isnt worth anything, than im not going to bother. I can find any of these on ebay. so, has anyone sold one of these before and how much were they worth?
  3. I found out it is a maruzen, it says it on the bottom of the magazine clip. the only other markings on the gun are, made in japan, daisys address and J61. I lost the box, and its in pretty good condition, just needs a little cleaning. here is a review on it. I think it is a 1985-86????? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...ail?reviewID=39
  4. its the Daisy model 12, I think its also called Maruzen KG9, I heard its kinda rare, its not the blow back one, you have to manually pull back and load. I lost the plastic shells, but I know it works, I would like to sell it, any ideas what it might be worth and how much I should ask? thanks in advance.
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