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  1. Hello! I bought a JG G36C and I want to get a stock adapter so I can put the m4 retractable stock on it. Can someone make step by step instructions (it seems easy enough) or a quick video tutorial? I can't find a tutorial for it ANYWHERE. Any help is appreciated -erk
  2. Looking for players in or around Scottsboro alabama, Jackson County area. We'll start a little while after Christmas so we can get our gear and what not but if you want you can message me or reply to this forum. -Erk
  3. where exactly in North alabama? I live in scottsboro (north east bama) and im looking for a spot to play.
  4. Hey, I've been watching videos on air soft and have been interested in it for a long time. Now I want to buy a weapon. My budget for a gun is around $125 and I've been looking at the JG G36C from AirSoftG.I. ( Product # JG608V3 ) Would that be a good first gun for someone familiar to the sport? ( I know how to fire safely, charge the battery right, and so on) Thanks a lot, -Erk
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