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  1. I have an Echo 1 614 and it is not shooting strait I have put about 500 rounds through it and the bb's go up even with no Hop dose anyone know what to do.
  2. I am still looking for a M203. I would like to trade for it but if not I am willing to only buy up to $75 and then another $25 for a lower round shell. PLEASE PM ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I NEED TO GET ONE BEFORE SPRING.
  3. Will you trade a gun for your M203. Or if not could you please bump it down to $75 dollars.
  4. I am looking for an M203 Grenade launcher that must be RIS. The reason is because I want to put it on my 614 and it has a shorter barrel also if you could through in a shell that would be great. Please PM me with an offer. I need it as soon as possible for my team.
  5. How far away are you from Hartford?
  6. Will you sell just the gun? If not ok. Also how much for the Systema?
  7. is the gun still for sale. If so will you trade please pm me if it is for sale still and if you would trade for it.
  8. I am looking for a new gun that is higher end. I really want a G&G M4 Or M16. But If you have any thing else that has a higher end M4 Or M16. For higher end I mean something Better then a Echo 1 M4 or M16. Please PM me I am willing to trade all the guns I have right now they are three Echo 1's.
  9. We are starting an airsoft team in the Hartford area and we are looking to get more people on the team. We want people that are in the teenager years. please PM me if you would like to join.
  10. I am looking to get a TM 773 or a Western Arms gun and will trade all guns for it. Here are the Picks of the guns I will trade
  11. I am wanting to upgrade my gun a little so I can get a little faster ROF and a little FPS. I don't know the ROF of the gun but the gun is stock. The FPS right now on the gun is 350 FPS. I am wanting to get the ROF to around 30 rounds per second. And the fps to around just under 400 FPS please give me a list of interals that you thin are good to get around what I want. ok change it to around 20 ronds per second but still 400 fps
  12. I have a E1 M4 and an E1 614 and I am trying to remove the outer barrel of both of them but I cant get it out. If someone could please tell me how to remove the barrels and then also how to put them back on.
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