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  1. I would be happy to do so for you when I get off work. Expect a picture nlt than tomorrow.
  2. I recently purchased a KWC XM177/Car15ish classic, gas powered gun. I know that it uses JAC styled mags, but know little else. Can anyone tell me more about this? What is a fair price? Any help appreciated.
  3. No sale on the Clubfoot stock. Items still available. I do accept offers, if your borderline about the price.
  4. Firstly, I accept paypal only. Please do not bother me with asking for an exception; it's Paypal or nothing. Secondly, I will ship using the most economical means neccesary. If you want to pay for a more expensive shipping option, I'm happy to provide it. I will always consider trades, but you will ship first. I'm not interested in any trades which have me shipping first, so do not ask. Tokyo Marui M16 Vietnam magazines These mags are in excellent condition. Always detensioned after use, cleaned regularly. They were owned by a teammate of mine previously and bear his mark on the top plastic part. It reads "QRT Pops". These could be shaved down, but it has never bothered me, so I have left it. They function as you would expect them to. I have 9 available and would like to sell them as a whole package. I know that AEX sells these for $25/ mag now a days, so I am looking for $90 shipped for the lot of them. G&G Clubfoot Stock Excellent condition clubfoot stock. I hand filed the inside of the tube to fit a small 11.1v lipo battery, so if you want to keep your rifle sleek, this will do it. This stock is multiposition and features a number of spots of a quick detach (not included). Here is an old school review over on Arnies if you want to check it out. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/reviewpost/...3b-stock/cat/49 I would like $40 shipped for this stock. You can pm me here, or send me an email at matt_bronson89<AT>hotmail.com
  5. Just paid. Looking forward to see if this unit is what it is said to be. Will post my thoughts once I receive the unit.
  6. The dboys body is now sold as well. &lt;AT&gt; scope - Mirag: I apologize if you felt that we had solidified a deal. A buyer purchased several items from me, including the m700, and had paypal ready to go. Should I come across another m700, I will pm you.
  7. SOLD: -CA drum mag -Holster -KJW m700 -tokyo marui lower -Nc-Star scope -JG Batteries
  8. All 22 pm's replied to. NOTHING IS PAID FOR YET!!! That means everything can be taken still. -Matt
  9. Bipod for sniper rifle $5 Bipod for rails $5 Scope riser $10. Allows use of iron sights (on m4) and mounts to rails Tokyo Marui Colt lower Receiver (plastic) Nicely trademarked Marui Lower $15 I am available for pickup at aex on Friday or Saturday, or in South County any day. Metal M4 Bodies DPMS metal body $30, $50 with installation Note the warning label and Made in China lettering DBoy's metal body? with Knights Armament Company Trades/Marine Core 5.56mm engravings Note: Painted in black, trades need to be stenciled to bring them out more. Classic Army C-Mag for M4's I am asking $70 for this mint condition drum mag. Works flawlessly. AEX sells them for $130 plus tax. Even has the original velcro strips to place the pressure switch on.
  10. Drop leg platform with holster Brand new. $10 or $5 with Glock KWA M93r Magazine New mag in beaten box. Works flawlessly. $20 Intellect 10.8v 3600mah Battery This battery will boost just about anyone's rate of fire, as well as pull any sort of upgraded gun. $35 JG Stock Batteries Common battery type on jg guns. Also fits in some crane stocks. All 1500mah batteries. $5 each or 3 for $10 I have sold three of these so far, with three or four remaining Various mp5 parts Price varies on what you want. EDIT: Several parts are gone, pm with requests as all will be parted from this now. VFG and Dovetail Reflex Sight $5 each 4x30 NCStar Illuminated Scope This scope is illuminated in red and green on three intensity levels each. Comes with integrated lens caps, and is rubberized. No scope rings. $15 This is the item: http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=26678 BSA Reddot 1x40 $10 Missing on of the tightening knobs. Seats fine anyways. 11 brightness settings 3-9x30 AIM Scope No rings. Lens covers included. $10 Aug a1 Camo'ed Notes: -No back plate, or buttplate -Rear is screw hole is damaged (see pics) -Includes hopup and barrel EDIT: BE metal aug gearbox now included $40
  11. I have no interest in doing trades over the internet. Prices do not factor shipping, but are negotiable. Please list exactly what your interested in within the message of your pm, so I can help you quickly. Thank you! Tokyo Marui AUG with A3 kit installed This is a Tokyo Marui Aug with the A3 installed. Gun sits as such currently: Composed Externally of: -Switched to a Classic Army body, because of the Steyr trade markings -Front end consists of CA and TM parts -TM hopup and inner barrel -Some wear from having it slung and attaching components to the ris Gearbox: -Metal bushings -Reshimmed by James at AEX -m110 spring -Excellent condition internals (inspected 2/16/10) Included in package: -TM AUG-A3 -Box of King Arms 110 round midcaps (two partially functional) -9.6v custom aug battery pack -charger I would like around $250 for this package. Certainly open to trades. Tokyo Marui P90 collection This is a straight TM P90 with no internal upgrades, but several extras Notes: Note the second picture. A small portion of the upper broke off. Also, the red dot does not appear to function. May be fixable but I am not sure. Included in the package is an additional red dot upper, that is missing the flashider assembly. Perhaps you can combine them, but I do not have the time to do so. In addition to those two items, I will also be including a near mint condition P90 tri-rail upper, in complete working order. Simply move the charging handle and barrel over to it, and its ready to go (very simple, I could switch them at buyers request). Included in package: -Tokyo Marui P90 red dot -Tokyo Marui Tri-Rail upper receiver -Hallow Tokyo Marui P90 red dot upper -Two Tokyo Marui P90 midcaps -An 8.4v mini battery -Charger I would like $150 for this. I have a New JG G36k Civilian for sale. Shoots about 380 fps. I have had this gun just sitting in its box, brand new for long enough. It will come with: -Gun in box with all stock items (mag, battery, cleaning rod, wall charger, 200 bb's) -Two extra highcaps -An extra battery and wall charger Asking $90 for everything! KJW M700 I have a used KJW M700. Totally stock and shoots 574 on the dot when around room temperature. It has been painted a forest green color. Has some wear on the gun. Comes with: -Gun -An extra mag -One bottle of green gas I would like around $90 for it. KWA Glock 26f This Glock is in excellent condition. Note: -The front sight is missing -There is a nick in the orange tip paint -Gun shoots fully automatic as well as semi Gun works flawlessly. Never jammed. Has worked perfectly since I received it. Based on wear, I am estimating less than 1000 rounds through it (being generous). Comes with: -Glock 26f -Stock mag with grip extension -Hard shelled pistol case I would like $100 for the gun
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