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  1. This thread is over a year old.
  2. There is no noticeable change in ROF from plastic to metal bushings. Unless of course there is something weird going on like the gear axles being to thick for the bushing holes. I think the R-Hop is beyond the scope of the OPs technical capabilities. Accuracy: GOOD tightbore, bucking (systema, prometheus), and good bbs. A cheap and easy way to upgrade the ROF is by getting a new battery. 9.6v should be fine.
  3. First I feel like I should clarify that longer barrels in airsoft usually do not equate to better accuracy. In fact, longer barrels can actually have a negative impact on accuracy after a certain point. I use prometheus barrels in a lot of my guns as they are very good barrels. In my opinion, the extra $30 is worth it over getting a madbull barrel. Keep in mind that prometheus barrels are only slightly better than madbull barrels. Most people wouldn't notice the difference. However, I have used both brands and would take prometheus over madbull any day. Also, if you install a 500-ish milliliter tightbore, you'll have to open up your gearbox and install a full cylinder because of the additional air volume of the longer barrel. So in light of all of that, my recommendation would be to forget the longer barrel and just get a 363mm tightbore and the suppressor. There is no advantage in the longer barrel and it just unnecessarily complicates things. Plus you won't have the option of taking the suppressor off if you get the longer barrel.
  4. Green gas is essentially propane with silicon lubricant added to it. If you use propane, you need to regularly lubricate the air seals on your mags. Most propane adapters even have a feature that allows you to add your own silicon oil. I'd go with propane. Just make sure to get a good propane adapter.
  5. If you're looking to buy a scope from someone else on the forum, then you should post your topic in the "Airsoft items wanted" section.
  6. It would take ages to charge your battery using solar power. Your best bet is to buy another high capacity battery.
  7. Bump. Opened the gun and cleaned/relubed everything. Chrono'd at 350fps. EDIT: SOLD.
  8. I've never owned a VFC, but I do have a G&P so I can vouch for their excellent external quality. Don't get a Systema complete gearbox. They are overpriced for what you get. What are your performance goals? I would say your best bet would be to find a GOOD tech (I know some people on these forums advertise their services) and send your gun to him to have it worked on. If you're adamant about getting a complete drop-in gearbox, I would go for a Bravo complete over a Systema. Granted, it's still a bit overpriced for what you get, but it'd be better than Systema.
  9. G&P AEGs are great, but occasionally need work out of the box to be reliable. I would highly recommend looking at KWA. They good AEGs that have excellent out of the box performance. Plus, their customer service is top-notch. Both G&P or KWA are good options.
  10. If you have noticeable wear on your bevel gear (I.e. material gone) after just 5000 rounds, then something is definitely wrong with your setup. Gears should last a long time if properly shimmed. In a mild setup (say, 400fps at around 20rps) I would expect a gear set to last at least 200,000 rounds. Of course this depends on the gears. Last time I checked G&P gears were prone to failure within 30k rounds.
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