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  1. A lot of people misunderstand the concept of "flanking" -- it doesn't just mean going around to the side / back of an enemy. It means engaging them from two fronts at once, so that they can't reorient themselves properly. Coordinate with a buddy who's willing to engage and suppress them from one front while you open a second front, and if one of you gets pinned, the other should move up to take advantage of the enemy's lack of out-going fire to their position. My best advice is to play with a team. My buddy and I run GBBs, GBBRs, and Trishots almost exclusively, and do very well against the average high-cap crowd. Take time to aim your shots, practice covering each other, and practice pieing corners both right and left. Don't hunker down behind cover - stay at least arm's length from it to maintain a good field of fire and avoid being pinned. Trishots don't tend to have a very aggressive hopup, if any hop at all, which is very advantageous in CQB. This means that you can effectively lean out from corners, or even shoot from completely sideways positions (either on your back/side, or over cover for less exposure), which can be rather advantageous. I second the recommendation for a good GBB as a backup. A side-arm really compliments pump-action shotguns, given your ammunition capacity, rate of fire, and time to reload. If you have or can obtain one, practice weapon transitions.
  2. These seem to be discontinued, unfortunately, but I would like to try one on my KC-02. Does anyone have a spare that they're willing to sell?
  3. Um, stating the obvious here, but: context? Where is my country located? What kind of environments is my army most likely to face? What kind of factor is cost? The best loadout for say, a soldier in afghanistan, is going to be very different than one in, say, the pacific islands. Cost and availability is also a huge consideration, and you'll need something both effective and affordable. I'd probably go with something simple and flexible. Say, AK's, AR's, or heck, even Mini-14's, and solid, Olive BDU's. Keep it simple.
  4. At the moment, I am looking for WE-tech .36g bbs. It never fails, however, that when I am looking for a specific weight or brand of bb, I cannot find it in stock at any of your regular Airsoft retailers. People always mention ICS, Goldenball, WE, and Madbull when it comes to bbs, but I'm hard pressed to find these brands in any selection of weights. Where do you all buy your bbs from? Does anyone make heavy weight bbs in white? Where can I find ICS, or WE brand bbs? I apologize for what must seem obvious questions, but, google hath failed me this time around.
  5. How much for the EOTECH, and what kind of sling do you have?
  6. My trusty M9 has developed a strange problem a few months ago, so I thought I'd mention it here and see if anyone knows what could be causing this. I have two magazines for it, and when I fill up either magazine with more than about 15-17 rounds, it starts blank firing and not chambering bbs half the time. My magazines are very clean, and the stack of bbs do not "catch" at any point as I have seen happen in other mags. Could damage to some internal components (such as in the nozzle) possibly cause this? I had a strange discharge on a very cold day once, where the hammer came forward, but the gun was in my holster and the slide could not cycle, expelling all of my gas at once. This is about the time that the feeding problems started happening.
  7. I have had good performance with several of my GBBs on pretty cold days just using propane. You can also wrap hand warmers around your mags, or put them in your mag pouches, and for extremely cold temperatures, you can try running your gun on propylene / MAPP, though this carries some risk as it is more powerful than propane.
  8. Any GBB / GBBR parts, or is it all mostly AEG parts?
  9. That looks really nice! What parts did you use / modify?
  10. Yes, you would need to disassemble your gun. If you're not comfortable doing that, you should try to send it to someone who offers repair services. However, owning a GBB, you might be well advised to learn more about your gun, and how GBBs work in general. The single best piece of advice I can give you is to do research and learn on your own. Look on youtube for tutorials on how to take down your gun, if you can find one. Search google for information about your gun, common problems it has, and how to fix them. Study your parts diagram and learn how to take down your gun. Familiarize yourself with basic maintenance and components of GBBs. If you do this, be in for the long haul. Be prepared for lots of problems at some point or another. Be prepared to order replacement parts. Be prepared to possibly mess up your gun and have to undo any damage you cause or replace any pieces you lose. Or you know, be careful and smart and avoid losing pieces and messing things up in the first place -- but be aware that it happens even to the best of us. I'm just saying, be prepared to fix your gun, and be prepared to fix whatever you might mess up trying to fix your gun. In any case though, research is your best friend. We can answer some questions on these forums, but a lot of the time, you will find that no one but you can find the answer, because they don't have access to your gun (and aren't as invested in fixing it). So, go google and youtube everything there is to do with the technical aspects of your gun (how to disassemble / reassemble it, change out parts, and common problems.) You may or may not find the information you need, but you can always learn something that will be helpful.
  11. Already said. Most likely, your hop up rubber is swollen. You need to buy a replacement hop up rubber and install it. Do some research, find which one is best. And when you have it installed, make sure not to get lube on it. That is the most likely problem, I think. It could be something else, though; you'll just have to learn to troubleshoot by reasoning and process of elimination.
  12. It may also be that the propane / green gas can is nearly empty. When you get near the end of a can, it will seem that there's still a good amount of propane left, but you won't be able to fill your magazine properly, resulting in just a small number of shots before gassing out. Try a new can of propane / GG.
  13. Hi again, I recently installed a PDI winter piston head on my Tokyo Marui Glock 17. After doing so, I noticed that, because the seal between the nozzle and piston head is much tighter, the return spring is not strong enough to retract the loading nozzle when I manually rack/open the slide. However, it does not get in the way of chambering a bb, and still blows to the back whenever I fire the gun. In short, is this a bad thing, or is the nozzle return spring merely there for looks to hide the nozzle under the slide?
  14. That's what I've heard. I must say though, a non-aggressive hop-up sounds like a dream after dealing with the nightmare that is my KWA MP7 hopup. One click and it's into the dirt or into the sky. I hear the RA-tech rubber for it is decent though, yes? I'm not looking to shoot anything heavier than about .30, perhaps even .28, if those prove to be reasonably accurate.
  15. Ah, really? I've been cleaning it with a bit of silicone, and then running dry clothes through to remove any excess oil. Makes sense, though. I find silicone oil can do more harm than good when misused. What solvents do you use to clean your barrel?
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