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  1. Off the top of my head, over the course of about 7yrs I've spend about $2500 on airsoft (probably more, this is just stuff I can think of) $900 on events/games Who knows once you add in gas.
  2. Just want to make sure I understand. You're only wanting to sell the barrel assembly, not the entire upper receiver correct?
  3. The location is now official! What: BBQ and Fundraiser for the South Florida Airsoft Association Date: February 5, 2011 When: 11a - 4p Where: Morikami Park - Lake Biwa Pavilion at the Morikami Park in Delray Beach 16801 Jog Rd Delray Beach, FL 33446 PLEASE CHECK HERE AS WELL AS THE SFAA MAIN WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION
  4. IMPORTANT UPDATES: Can't figure out how to edit posts A few quick changes/updates. 1. Due to the large number of airsoft players and friends interested the location is now TBA. The original location was too small so we need a larger space to properly (And legally) accommodate everyone. 2. Shirts are $10 if you pick them up AT the event. $15 SHIPPED. All proceeds still go to the development of field and association. Nothing will be pocketed.
  5. And of course since SEAD is down here's another local one: http://sfaa.darkbb.com/forum.htm
  6. Also try EastCoastExtreme.com 's forum: http://eastcoastextreme.forumotion.com/forum.htm
  7. What: BBQ and Fundraiser for the South Florida Airsoft Association Date: February 5, 2011 When: 11a - 4p Where: West Delray Regional Park (10875 Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33436) This is a meet and greet for all the local airsoft players and teams in the South Florida area. Why you ask? Well the SFAA (South Florida Airsoft Association, Inc.), is opening up a new field in mid to late February. The founding members need a little more money to finish installing a fence around the field as well as buildings. The SF-AA is a non-profit organization so ALL income, donating, and other funding goes back into the field. More info about them can be found on their website. There will be raffles and FOOD. Big raffle items are: Echo 1 M4, Echo 1 ASR, Socom 1911, airsoft related items from local businesses (guns and accessories) as well as from SF-AA's sponsors; Echo 1, Tachyon, GodFather Airsoft, and Airsoft Outlaw NW just to name a few. Ticket prices have yet to be released. Updates will be posted in this thread. SF-AA's official website: South Florida Airsoft Association, Inc. SF-AA's official forum: Free forum : South Florida Airsoft Association Forums FB Group: Login | Facebook FB Event Page: Login | Facebook **Please note I am not in any way shape or form a member of the SF-AA council, just someone spreading the word. I'll answer any questions I can. Anyone wanting to donate should contact Dan "Shooter" Stein of the SF-AA personally. Well folks the time has come to start showing some support to the rest of the world. You can now order your shirt today. The first 25 orders will get a special treat in their package. There are two options. You can order it for 10.00 and pick it up at the BBQ or you can order it for 13.00 and it will be shipped to you. All proceeds will go towards our goal to make the organization (SFAA) to a higher level. Just check out the website at South Florida Airsoft Association, Inc. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! Source: http://sfaa.darkbb.com/t113-official-sfaa-...-are-good-to-go
  8. Most states have general laws concerning airsoft. I can't be played on or within 500 yards of state park or animal/plant reserve, or within 100yards of a federal establishment (including schools and banks) are the big ones. Aside from that, what I like to call the "Stupidity Rule" comes into effect. - If you play in your backyard try to use cheap low powered guns, and don't remove your orange/red tips - If the police presence is strong in an area, don't even bother playing. - Don't go to local parks and attempt to play or have target practice. Also stay away from areas with nature paths - Play in a place where there are lots of trees to shield the action from outside passer-byers. I've heard some people say "If we don't ask and get caught we can say we didn't know." As tempting as that is I definitely would not do it. My best advice is to Google "airsoft [state] forum" and find local forums in your area and see where they play. Airsoft Forum.com (this forum) is nice, but if you go to smaller,local forums you get information specific to that certain area.
  9. Hey for any FAU Students as well as locals in the Boca Raton area, we host games right in Boca. The field is semi-private so we just ask that you contact us before deciding to invite yourself. It's semi-private to keep idiots from screwing up the field we've put so much work in designing and developing. If you're interested check out these few links, they contain our contact info: For FAU Students: http://www.FAUAirsoft.com Locals: http://www.wix.com/kalashnicova/hostility-module YouTube Account: http://www.youtube.com/user/HostilityModule <--It's new, but contains a few of our vids. Feel free to contact any of us for directions (and an invite) to the field. By the way, there's another forum for Florida (FloridaAirsoft.com), I suggest you try not to use them too much. They cause alot of trouble with ALOT of locals and basically caused themselves to be separate from the other forums/sites/fields in the local area
  10. In addition to that, http://www.southcarolinaairsoft.com is kind of taking over the Georgia, Carolina, N. Florida scene. They seem to have more active members, and just simply more stuff going on.
  11. Not sure how old this is or if you guys are still trying to make a team, but as of right now there is an officially sanctioned airsoft team at Georgia Southern; Black Talon. Here's the website for more information www.BlackTalonAirsoft.com FB group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5525...?gid=5525731235
  12. Black Tact Vest Asking for $35 Fits sizes Small to X-Large 1. Radio pouch 2. Utility Pouch 2a. Slots for pens/pencils (Removable - Velcro) 3. (4) Magazine Pouches 4. (3) Pistol Magazine Pouches 5. (1) Cross-Draw Holster w/ attached mag pouch (Removable - Velcro) 6. Utility Belt 7. Elastic Shotgun Shell Holder Retails for $60 ACTUAL ITEM My camera isn't the best so here's a stock image: I've only used this in 2 skirmishes, but I now need a green vest so I'm forced to sell this practically new vest to get the money for a green (or camo) vest. It's served me well, never had a single problem with it. Zipper still works flawlessly. All straps are attached and in-tact. Like I said it's practically new. I brought it for $60, so it's basically a steal. Please either PM me or post here if you're interested. I'd prefer payment through payment through paypal, but other arrangements can be made if you do not own a paypal account. This item is also listed on eBay. Item # 110329350793. Yes I need to sell it that bad.
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