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  1. I was just thinking the same thing with TSD. I've been out of the game for a while (three years), and as I'm quickly learning, a lot has changed!
  2. Alright, a little background information. I started playing airsoft around the age of fourteen, and began using a Crossman Pulse R72, I am now 20 years old and in the Marine Corps, and let's just say I've come a long way I'm not one to brag, but I just couldn't resist, so I guess this is the place to do it. Thanks for the feedback guys. The parts starting the muzzle and working backwards Echo1 Tracer Unit ($60.00) VFC Peq 15 ($100 - I paid a little extra as these are hard to come by these days) Magpul Moe handguards ($35.00) Bottom rail for handguards ($15.00) Real steel Grip Pod (Usually retails brand new for $100.00) Zombie Killer EOtech replica ($100.00) Eotech 3x magnifier with flip to side mount ($60.00) Magpul pistol grip ($30.00) LaRue RISR (Spring loaded to move with charging handle $50.00) Magpul CTR Stock ($100.00) The body is a Classic Army, which a friend kindly gave to me Internals Sytema M110 Revolution gearbox (~$500.00 shipped from Redwolf airsoft) Madbull 6.01mm 363mm tightbore barrel ($45.00) G&P Metal one piece hop up unit ($20.00) King Arms High Torque motor ($65.00) Soon to come: Chimera mosfet Total (excluding mosfet) - $1280.00 Regrets - None.
  3. Thanks guys, nice to see the G&P comes with the rail system hooked up already, and has the full stock I'm looking for. Now I see it's shooting around 320fps and suggests that I use top gas with it. What can I do to get it shooting a little hotter (besides the obvious of using propane/green gas). What I mean is, how can I get it internally sound so that it can take the added pressure? As for the budget, I'm thinking around $1200
  4. Hello all, Well I've been playing airsoft since I was fourteen, and at the age of eighteen enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. I'm now twenty, and have a little bit more cash than I did when I was fourteen That being said, I'm looking to go for the most realistic build I can get. My issued weapon is an M16A4, with a full stock, Trijicon Acog, and PEQ 16. I love my full stock, and I'll never understand the infatuation with collapsibles within the airsoft community. It seems hard to find full-stocked airsoft guns these days. I've decided on a WE M16A3 for the base build, found here http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37273 Currently, it is out of stock, and I can't find it anywhere else which kind of worries me. So I pose this question... Can I buy a KWA LM4 and stick a full stock on there? I've used KWA products in the past and they've been very impressive. As for a rail system, I believe we use a Kings Armament NON FREE FLOAT rail system. I am going for the most realistic build I can get, so I do not want a free float! I believe this is the one that we use... http://www.knightarmco.com/portfolio/m5-ri...es=m5-rifle-ras Update: Found THIS which would do the trick, but it says it is only for AEG's. Would this fit? As for the PEQ, I think I'll go with a VFC tan PEQ 15, it's not a 16, but it's the best quality build from what I've heard, and is good enough. Any help building this would be greatly appreciated. Oorah, yut yut, Semper Fi
  5. I was wondering about this, too. Looks pretty cool.
  6. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4593 This is the one. It would fit lengthwise, but would not seat properly in the delta ring grooves.
  7. Hey all, So I've been out of the game for quite some time. I enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve and I've been away for my active duty training (boot camp and infantry school), so I'm a little rusty. I recently made the big bold move to gbb's, and decided the KWA LM4 looked like a safe bet. I'm impressed with it, and the recoil, though not quite what I'm used to, is a nice addition. I want to make this rifle as real to the one I use in the Marine Corps, and ordered an A&K M4 RIS unit for it, however it does not fit properly. What rail systems would be suitable. Please bear in mind I do not want a free float, or anything fancy. Our rail systems that we use are quite conservative. Thanks!
  8. First off, holy crap I haven't been on here in ages. Secondly, I've worked on both, and I'd go with the CA.
  9. Ive shot both, and while I will admit I am a bit of a KWA fanboy, my moneys on the KWA. Metal body, which IMO is a big plus, solid gearbox, fantastic customer service.
  10. Aluminum I believe. Your talking about the receiver right?
  11. Anyone know where I can pick up one of the prolines?
  12. I really have my heart set on a p90. So from what I'm gathering the internals aren't to hot? Anyone here own one?
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