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  1. Ive got 4 tan pouches that came with a MC vest I bought on here.. they are condor.. one is a large square pouch that has a velcro flap (dump?).. the next is a large square with a button flap, one in a small square with multiple smalle zippers, (map pouch)?? last one is similar with a mesh net pocket on front.. Would be willing to trade for your MC pouches.
  2. No, it has two holes for a motor plate, but when I attached mine, I think it was pushing it too far into the gearbox.. Should I use longer screws and just let the mototr plate stick up a little bit?? then the rubbber part that attaches with the bar could cover it?
  3. I bought this grip because it was so much less expensive than any other psg1 style grips I could find.. It didnt come with a motor plate, so im trying to use the one out of an old A&K S system. Problem is when I attache the grip, I can get the motor in.. I took it off and used my drimmel to sand down the insides.. it wouldnt fit all the way down, so I used some files... well I shaved it down enough that I have the motor in, and it has a little wiggle room. I got the wires attached, and put the plate on, but then the motor wouldnt turn.. I have the set screw backed all the way out of the motor plate.. Im kind of stuck here..
  4. Wow.. So I let everyting cool down, and realized I was in a hurry and made the most nube mistake ever.. When I taped my soldered parts together, I did them together and not seperate, so basically my bare positive and negative were touching.. Not sure what I did to the battery, but it melted the small connector smooth off.. Only thing left is the 2 pins that go in the connector.!! Anybody know what will come of my battery?
  5. I rewired my m4 to the rear. Replaced the entire wire harness.. well when I got to the part where the rear connector goes threw my solid stock, I had to extend my wire in order to reach.. I took some spare wire I had and soldered it together. When I put it all back together, I wanted to test it, so I plugged in the battery, and was trying to connect the mot0or when I saw smoke.. There was no motor connected and the trigger hadnt been pulled.. the battery was scorching hott and melted threw my wires.. I don't understand what happened? I may have used different gauged wires for the extender. Could that have done anything?
  6. On my g36c, I had the same problem, I opened the box to check the nozzel and tappet, and they were fine. Upon further review I found it to be that my barrel and hop up werent locked into the outer barrel, causin it to be to far back on the nozzel. Even though my nozzel was moving, it was enough to allow a bb to enter.. Check and make sure your barrel assymbly is fitted in the body correctly!
  7. Hey guys. I got an old A&k s Sysytem that ive been messing with just as a project. It had a few problems, compression, and then when you pulled the trigger, it would only fire like every 2 or three pulls of the trigger.. Like the gears were only rotating 1/4 turn or something. So I cracked the box, replaced my piston and added a #14 o ring. But im still loosing compression threw the cylinder head. Does anyone know what # o ring to replace this with? Also the selector plate on the box seems to be very thing and flimsy. On the shell, the rails that keep it in place are in sections, so my problem is when you move from semi safe to auto, the little metal arm that pokes through from inside the gear box that engages with the selector, gets bypassed. The selector plate just bows and slide over that arm. I believe this may be some of my problem.. Any advice would be great. thankyou.
  8. guys just make an offer. Everything is ready to move
  9. Triple mag pouch SOLD!! Eveything else just make offers. Just trying to move this stuff!
  10. don't waste time typing crap like that in my thread please!
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