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  1. No. Also, awesome. I wish I was there for the second day. T.T
  2. I was hoping Nick would see it first.. I'm actually on 9th.
  3. Wow! Thanks, man. I have one of the really old od gorkas right now, so I think I'll start there with an older type kit. I'm excellent at lurking so I think I'll do that on red alliance for a while. Thanks, man!
  4. Could you point me in the right direction? Working on a little Russian myself
  5. This is HELLA cool kit, dude. Is that helmet a DIY mod or did you pick it up from somewhere?
  6. It is indeed a whip antenna. It's a replica. A lot better quality than the radio it came with, though.. As for AK mags you can only realistically fit two in the front cummerbund flap as it is pretty tight. I don't know if you'd want to do that or not. Other than that I don't really know, I haven't run a game with an AK. The one in the picture is actually my actual Romanian AK, so I don't get to use it to play. Here's some more pictures of my kit. Only real update is the radio. I had to fiddle with the side pouches a little to get it in there snugly.
  7. I love it. Probably the slickest rig I've had. And I love running it slick. My only real gripe is that the pockets on the cummerbund don't retain radios very well, but I don't have a dedicated pouch for it, yet. Updates on that a little later. I haven't been able to compare this with a 6094 or a JPC, so I can't really say much in the way of comparison. There's a review here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Assault-...rs-t241555.html
  8. New update on le kit. Picked up that Mayflower APC, didn't look back. I'm lovin' it. Here are some pictures of a pretty good weekend:
  9. That actually sounds like an excellent idea. I have a buddy who has an old MOPC, I'll get in touch and see if I can't get that going.
  10. Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier The MAPC is made and manufactured by Mayflower Research and Consulting. It retails on SKDTac for $210 before shipping. This is my rig. I've got it in S/M with a Small Cummerbund. Mayflower makes different sized cummerbunds for it, so you can make one that fits ideally. It is designed to accept ESAPI plates. I've got a small in there, and there's a bit more room but it fits snug. The MAPC has four rows of MOLLE on the front, and velcro for patches and whatnot. An interesting feature is that it has a built in admin pouch in the front, a sort of kangaroo pocket on your chest. It's good for maps, pens, chemlights and stuff. Good luck trying to fit a mag in there, though. Although I don't know why you'd have a magazine there.. Top view of chest admin The MAPC also does have a kangaroo pocket in the front for a kangaroo pouch. However it's a little bit different. Instead of having the entire front flap the pocket, the kangaroo pocket is behind the flap. I think this is a little more innovative than the EAPC, seeing as you can now remove the rig without having to remove the magazines to open the flap. CUT The MAPC is a little bit more constricted than the EAPC in terms of the kangaroo pocket. The shingle with the magazines does fit considerably more snugly in the pocket. The plates insert almost the same way as the EAPC. The only difference being there is a velcro strap that holds the plate in place. After it is secured via the strap, the entire plate is secured via a velcro closure flap. Strap The cummerbund on the EAPC and the MAPC I think are really the main differences between them. The cummerbund on the MAPC adjusts in the back via velcro one-wrap. A little easier and simple I think than the EAPC. The side pockets on the MAPC are also quite different. There are two compartments, one being distal to the torso and the other proximal. The distal compartment from what I understand houses the side plate. It is about an inch shorter than the proximal compartment and has velcro all throughout. I believe the premise is that the plate is inserted in the distal compartment and once it is the velcro is sealed and will prevent the plate from moving. The proximal compartment can house a mag shingle or a kangaroo pouch, however the small cummerbund CANNOT hold three magazines. In my opinion simple, but not as innovative as the EAPC pockets. One, I am still a little unsure of how the side plates are supposed to stay in without moving, and two, purchase of a kangaroo pouch for magazines or a radio as opposed to the EAPC, where the pockets are built in. So that's pretty much it. Love the simplicity of the MAPC. EAPC is a little more comfortable. MAPC feels more slick. All in all both great rigs.
  11. So I recently just got my MAPC in the mail. Then I realized.. I have both the EAPC and the MAPC sitting in my room, next to each other?? How could I not do a review?! So here it goes, I guess. First gear review, really. Questions, comments, and criticism is welcome. All photos were taken with an HTC Evo. What will be reviewed is the Eagle Assault Plate Carrier and the Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier Left: EAPC, Right: MAPC Note the MAPC's lack of drag handle on the rear. We'll go ahead and start with the EAPC. The Eagle Assault Plate Carrier was designed and manufactured by Eagle Industries. It retails for $269.00 before shipping on SKDtac.com. This is my buddy's rig. What's important to note here before we go further is that it was designed for swimmer plates. So if you wear a large plate, IT WILL NOT FIT in either the S/M or the L/XL. A small plate is a squeeze into the S/M, so I can only assume that a medium plate will only fit in a L/XL. That being said you can get some swimmer plates if you want. The front here sports five rows of MOLLE, which is one more than what the MAPC has on its front. There is velcro on the front MOLLE to mount whatever patches you may want to sport on the front. An interesting feature I thought was the small loops you can see on the edges. Ideal for feeding communicates wires. Front The EAPC does in fact have room enough in the front for a kangaroo pouch. Not having one, I simulated one using a shingle I had laying around. Shingle A view of the quite spacious kangaroo pocket Kangaroo pocket The shingle, loaded with three magazines, is a great fit inside of the kangaroo pocket. There is actually a bit of wiggle room inside of it, so running a shingle like this is not ideal. However, kangaroo pouches that insert into this pocket are made with velcro to ensure that they don't fall out. A problem I see with this is when taking it off. With the shingle with magazines in it, it inhibits the ability to remove the rig because the mags in the kangaroo pocket obstruct it. We'll now go over how the carrier does it's intended job, carry plates. Once again the EAPC is made to accept swimmer plates. I have a Small plate, and it was a squeeze into the carrier. Basically, all you do is insert the plate, and then fold over a flap of velcro to hold it in. Quite simple. Both the rear and the front plates secure in place the same way, so I will not include a picture of the rear plate. Velcro closure flap Plate in the carrier The shoulder straps on both the EAPC and the MAPC are almost exactly identical, the only difference being that the bottom of the strap on the EAPC has velcro to secure itself onto the EAPC shoulder pads. Left: EAPC Right: MAPC Now, the shoulder pads are totally different. The EAPC shoulder pads are much thicker. They velcro onto the strap to hold them in place. They have a thin layer of foam in them for comfort, about a quarter of an inch thick. The interesting this about them is that they have velcro on the top to accept a comm wire add-on. I don't have them but you can see them in the picture on the stock photo on SKDTac. These little add ons make it so that you can feed wires, camelbak tubes or whatnot and have them nice and neat. The MAPC shoulder pads are a little more simple. They don't have the velcro attachment to the straps on the rig, but they can still be secured pretty well in place. They've got mesh on the bottom, and the padding is exactly that. I can't quite explain it, I've never seen it before on anything else. They padding is as comfortable, if not more, than the quarter inch of foam in the EAPC ones. Now the really big difference I think between these two carriers is the cummerbund. They both sport a different style. The EAPC cummerbund has a built in slot for a magazine / radio on both sides and then the side plate holders on both sides. The plate holders are velcro closure and the magazine / radio pouch is a snap closure with a piece of 550 cord to old whatever is in there secure. The bottom of the cummerbund is lined with about a quarter inch of foam all the way around for comfort. Note the foam padding running along the bottom Note the separation of the two compartments by a piece of thick elastic. The cummerbund is adjusted using a traditional drawstring with bungees in the back One odd thing we noticed is that in the compartment that holds it, it makes a small bump... Doesn't effect it in anyway, just looks kind of odd. A really simple but innovative feature about the cummerbund is the handles it has in the front. It makes it extremely easier to place the velcro nice and neat. Handles and , Brother. That's pretty much it.
  12. February 2010: June 2010: And then I sold the rig, and bought an MAV 'cause I thought I'd be high speed, and rolled with either that or the IBA into 2011. I think it's also worth noting that I bought a GBB M4 in 2009 as well. Great weapon. Fun weapon, not efficient in the winter at all, but pretty when it was warm. It's in pieces now. :x After a few months of MAV I bought an MBSS. Nice and lightweight, I loved that rig. And then I sold that and bought my old EPC and rolled with it. Again.... And I used that for a while until mid 2011 where I finally sold it and bought an HPC. Probably the best fitting plate carrier that I've worn. I just sold it a few days ago. I also bought Cryes. They're so. . Comfy. My buddy and me: For little while I used my buddy's EAPC. really liked it, nice and light weight, mix between an EPC and a 6094 almost, probably my next rig. Either that or a MAPC. Same buddy: The most recent picture of me in kit: And there it is. My evolution.
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