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  1. ok well let me just say every thing so there is no more questions. I am stuck between the aug and the G&G m14 soc. I am 5'1 and I play in the woods. I like to take long range and mid shots. So there it is people just need help from there
  2. well im heading to airsoft extreme in 2 days and ill just shoot and see how they are but im still kinda iffy about them
  3. alright and this is considering that im gonna lube it and swab it and all
  4. I don't plan on the clone route but how long will both the TM aug and G&G m14 last me ?
  5. alright but I don't plan on saving for a long time so im just looking for something that will last me for a year (I will lube and clean it every time I play with it) so more answers will help
  6. wow I think that is way to much cash but ill take that in thought
  7. ok so I recently got a large amout of cash and was wondering which to buy a G&G m14 soc, CA aug a1, TM aug thanks if u helped
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