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  1. Please, Don't do that to such a beautiful gun...
  2. Haha Looking forward to seeing you there! I'm gonna wait on this one. As much as I love the Kar98k, I can't bring myself to drop 400$ on something that JUST came out.
  3. Got a full facemask? Use that riser so you can see through your optic.
  4. Got a response today, Its supposed to be out by November....In poorly written english. lol
  5. I talked to someone that works for KWA, and I know he said its true about the MP9, but it may apply to the MP7. Apparently using duster gas doesn't lower the FPS because its the system it uses to get the FPS. He said using duster gas in an MP9 would only make it to where the bolt would not completely cycle on full auto.
  6. I know that it was announced, and they made a video for it, but no new news has been released for it in a while.... So does anyone know anything on it? If it was canceled, if it was postponed etc. Last I heard of it was in March, and they said it would be released in April or May....Obviously that hasn't happened. For those of you who don't know, It was supposed to be CO2 powered, and have a 9 round mag.
  7. While that place does look pretty cool to play in...aside from, you know, caved in roofs and debris everywhere....I Woudn't play airsoft there. It looks unsafe. You could trip (I know thats a common hazard, but there is A LOT of debris inside of those buildings) and get pretty seriously injured. On a side note, Anyone ever noticed how the older you become, The more detrimental falls are to your body?(Fall as a teenager, scraped hands. Fall as a 70 year old, Broken hips, hands, knees, shins, feet, arms, 8 broken ribs, and a broken tail bone)
  8. I've played in like a 4,000 sq. ft. Arena...Its challenging, but fun....I'd say you'd be fine. We could fit about 6 on 6 comfortably on the field. For FPS, I'd say not above 350.
  9. Welcome to the forums. Before you get completely grilled by EVERYONE else on the forums, Take a minute to realize that it is a Sniper RIFLE, not a SNIPER. A sniper is a person, a sniper rifle is a rifle. I hope you know the difference between a Magazine and a Clip, you will be grilled if you don't. A magazine completely encases the round (like an M4 mag and M9 mag) where as a clip holds the round by the end, and is usually used to load a magazine. Last, you do NOT want a sniper rifle. As much fun as it may sound, You do not want one. They need to be upgraded a lot before they're useful...or accurate at range. Another note, Make sure you only hit the "Post" button once, as you have 2 threads active.
  10. Welcome to the forums. I have a pair of 5.11 Tacticals, they are the most comfortable thing ever. They are a tad out of your price range, however. I think I picked mine up for 115$?
  11. I'm decently sure it is an Acronym.... Armee Universal Gewehr... So I guess Ay Yew Gee
  12. Honestly, This sounds badass. Like many above said, Heat would be the biggest issue. If you could get this working, I'd be amazed.
  13. I'll put one on top of my jeep if you give me an M2 free.... =)
  14. Old Old quote. But this is . Airsoft guns are not toys and should not be treated as such.
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