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  1. actually, it doesn't. if you look at the pic of it on the floor, you can see that it's looped into the top MOLLE straps on the vest...I wondered why it was so low-looking myself...
  2. still need a few minor things...bladder for hydro pack etc...
  3. ...now there's a noble idea...
  4. I only ask, cuz' I'd like to use my MP5 as my secondary, but am looking for advice/pointers for executing this setup...any info is appreciated!
  5. hmmm...does look like it'd fit, but I'm not really diggin' the price on it. any lower-budget suggestions?
  6. have a CA MP5 w/the tactical handguard...but I'd like to have a standard one. whattayagot?!
  7. I purchased this hydro pack from a member on here and I need to snag a bladder for it, but I'm unaware of which bladder to purchase. I've only seen a couple different ones available. I'm only concerned w/the size and location of the fill nozzle hole thingie. any information would be helpful. perhaps if any of you have a comparable setup, a pic of your bladder would be ultimate. here she is...
  8. I'd like to snag a molle vest! I'd prefer OD, Coyote Tan, or MultiCam. I'd like to spend no more than $40 shipped. show me what you've got!
  9. why do you NOT want an orange tip? do you even understand why they come with'em?!
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