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  1. actually, it doesn't. if you look at the pic of it on the floor, you can see that it's looped into the top MOLLE straps on the vest...I wondered why it was so low-looking myself...
  2. still need a few minor things...bladder for hydro pack etc...
  3. ...now there's a noble idea...
  4. I only ask, cuz' I'd like to use my MP5 as my secondary, but am looking for advice/pointers for executing this setup...any info is appreciated!
  5. hmmm...does look like it'd fit, but I'm not really diggin' the price on it. any lower-budget suggestions?
  6. have a CA MP5 w/the tactical handguard...but I'd like to have a standard one. whattayagot?!
  7. I purchased this hydro pack from a member on here and I need to snag a bladder for it, but I'm unaware of which bladder to purchase. I've only seen a couple different ones available. I'm only concerned w/the size and location of the fill nozzle hole thingie. any information would be helpful. perhaps if any of you have a comparable setup, a pic of your bladder would be ultimate. here she is...
  8. I'd like to snag a molle vest! I'd prefer OD, Coyote Tan, or MultiCam. I'd like to spend no more than $40 shipped. show me what you've got!
  9. why do you NOT want an orange tip? do you even understand why they come with'em?!
  10. are the M4 pouches open top or the flap style? nevermind...just noticed'em in the pics. free bump
  11. size on the rifleman vest?
  12. I just canceled an order I had with them due to the atrocious customer service. terrible communication both via phone and email, misleading content on their website too.
  13. Joe 30 Methuen, MA Have yet to play airsoft, but I've played paintball for years and figured I'd give airsoft a shot (so to speak)
  14. http://www.superpages.com/bp/Salem-NH/Plan...;L=NH&lbp=1
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