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  1. Let me start by saying that I haven't played airsoft in over 2 years so these AEG's are just collecting dust. The gearboxes have not been opened up or regreased since then. They do still function properly but I would strongly advise a good breakdown and re-greasing. I am located in Deale, MD and willing to meet anyone within a reasonable distance in MD or I can break the guns down and ship them in a flat rate USPS box. G&G M4A1 with custom green based camo asking $225 This baby has been my primary AEG for most of the 3 years I played. Its sturdy, reliable, and never broken down on me. Its seen action in Pine Plains V, White Dragon (WV Penitentiary), Battle of the Bulge 2009, 2010, 2011, and various organized Ops throughout Maryland. Gearbox: Custom G&P (8mm Bearings) Spring: Guarder SP120 Gears: Prometheus hi-speed Motor: G&P M160 Cylinder: Guarder Type 2 Cylinder Head: Modify Piston: G&G reinforced (4 metal teeth) Piston Head: G&P Explosive Nozzle: Modify Tappet Plate: Guarder Spring Guide: Systema ball bearing ARL: Prometheus Barrel: Prometheus 6.03 283mm Nub: Pretty sure its a Polarstar PCS with Systema bucking And last but certainly not least, an AJAX STS so you never have to worry about the front of the gearbox breaking Full trademarked G&P M4 metal body Magpul MOE handguard with foregrip 30mm red dot with Walther base Wired to Deans Connectors Rear wired with battery bag on crane stock. I got tired of only being able to fit small sized batteries, with the bag you can fit up to a 10.8v large battery Flipup front and rear sights I prefer Paypal first and foremost since its quickest, but a MO will do in a pinch. I also have an Elite 9.6v 3600mah large battery ready to go with the G&P if you want it +$15 to price
  2. Obsolete?! Oi vey, I've been gone for too long.
  3. gotta be honest here, I had better accuracy with the stock G&G 6.035mm barrel compared to an edgi 6.01mm barrel while using .36s and a SP150 spring.....so you may be onto something here.
  4. Sucks, I really liked their gears. They were cheap and worked.
  5. I would avoid a speed motor if your planning on trying to achieve 430fps. A G&P M160 motor will provide great ROF, as will some other motors.
  6. Wow, that piston doesn't look too happy. The first thing I usually do when I get a G&G is replace that piston with their upgraded reinforced one. I have one in every single AEG I own, and only 1 has broken on me. The pickup tooth at the rear broke off while the rest of the teeth showed no signs of wear, it was in front of a SP150 spring, so not unexpected.
  7. The PMAG high caps have a window on the side.
  8. also, you might wanna check out Dogs of War. I believe they operate out of Frederick. Great bunch of guys, I've played with them on numerous occasions, and they frequently come play at SOGs field in Baltimore. Here is their website & forum http://dogsofwarairsoft.com/ http://dogsofwarairsoft.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=6
  9. Whenever they come back in stock, just spend the extra dough and get a Tachyon Micro for $99
  10. non-helical? I would definitely suggest using non-Systema gears...but non-helical? I dunno man, I think I'd feel safer using Prometheus Max Torque gears, or something helical.
  11. We'll I'm participating in a 21hr non-stop simulation in June (Pine Plains 5 at Ft Drum, NY) and I'd like to run my large 3300mah battery instead of carrying a few 1500mah smalls with me.
  12. M120 spring, G&P M160 motor, Prometheus 6.03 barrel, KWA 2gx bucking (or Systema Bucking). Great ROF, good velocity, good accuracy. Done.
  13. AH, ok great! The G&P stock pipe is removable, so I'm guessing I just take that off and put the full stock on. I hope its that easy. Thanks!
  14. I've been contemplating lately about going from a G&P crane to a G&P 416 style stock. I found the stock on eBay, but it doesn't tell me much about what else I need for the conversion. Do I use the same buffer tube? How are full stocks usually attached? thanks!
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