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  1. Hi and thanks for looking! Sadly, between work and moving I have had pretty much zero time to play airsoft, and have some other projects in life that need my attention, and everything is too nice to be sitting in a closet collecting dust so off it goes! Rules: 1. Shipping is NOT included. I’m shipping from Omaha, so if you’re within the local area I’d be more than happy to arrange a pickup. Otherwise just send me your zip code and I can get quotes for you 2. I have tried to take as many pictures of everything as possible, however if you would like more simply ask 3. If you have a problem with something PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST. I’m willing to work with you 4. If you want more than one item, let me know. I’d be happy to do a discount with multiple items. So here we go: AEGs: 1. TM G3 DMR plus extras: $220 This was one I bought from another player, used a few times, and now it’s sitting in storage. TM G3 base, not entirely sure of internals but it was shooting ~410 with .25s last time I used it. Shoots FAR. The selector plate was removed so it’s modified to semi only. Otherwise, as you can see the stock was epoxied however it’s rock solid. The front pin broke a while back so it's McGuyver'd on and is surprisingly durable.Wired to deans. Comes with the hi cap plus another gearbox that I believe is a stock E1 G3 gearbox. Will also ship with guncase. Pictures: 2. VFC SCARH: $300 This thing’s a beaut. Purely stock, ~3000 rounds through it. Reddot was a G&P reddot, just needs a new battery. Mako foregrip included. Makes a very satisfying clank when releasing the mag catch. Getting harder and harder to find these apparently. No problems whatsoever with this guy. Will come with the hi cap and 3 midcaps (190 rounders). Wired to deans, used a 7.4 and an 11.1 lipo without problem. WIll include some extra rear stock pins because you'd be surprised how many of these get lost. This will also ship in a nice soft padded case. Pistols: 1. WE M9 special edition with holster: $65 Have shot ~10 mags through it. No upgrades. Mag holds green gas fine. Holster included. Actually a pretty nice looking pistol, got quite a few complements on it. Who needs to be tactical when you can be tactiCOOL? http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2964.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2965.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2966.jpg GEAR! 1. Multicam combat shirt, size M: $25 2. Condor 7.62 double mag pouch x2: $10 3. M14 midcap: $5 or free with another purchase 4. ThunderB flashbang system NEW (No CO2 included): $20 5. Tornado maintenance kits: $10 6. Turnigy 6 charger (this was an awesome charger!): $15 7. Blackhawk! 7.62 double mag pouch: $10 http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2953.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2954.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2955.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2956.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2957.jpg http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb238/Broge/IMG_2958.jpg Again, any questions please ask. Thanks for looking!!! NOTE: Mods I paid for an ASF BST accoutn a few days ago, if there's any problems please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hey Everyone, Looking for a few things, if you've got 'em I want it. Have cash ready to go. 1. USP: Don't care the brand/if it's GBB or not. Must be regular sized, not compact, and fit into a SERPA. 1 or 2 mags are fine. 2. EGLM: MUST have the SCAR-H attachment included. Preferably black. Thanks!
  3. BUMP Still looking for these! PM me if you got 'em! Thanks!
  4. Looking to finish an MP5 project I have. I need the following parts: -MP5 Trigger -Charging handle spring (Must be for a metal body. The plastic bodies have a charging handle spring that's a bit too small in diameter). If you wanna make a quick buck or two with these, let me know. Thanks!
  5. BUMP last chance on the SVD! Got a very enticing offer so act now if you want it! I'm 95% sure I'm keeping the MP5 unless someone buys the metal body within the next few days
  6. BUMP SVD's looking for a new home! offer away! I'll work with you for a price!
  7. MP7 SOLD SOLD SOLD No offers yet on the MP5 or SVD. I'd be happy to take offers on both! Offer away BUMP
  8. BUMP I'll knock 50 bucks off the SVD package. The MP5 here's what I'm thinking for parting out: Metal body: 50 shipped Stock: 20 shipped V2 Gearbox (Can't confirm if it works, but it should:) 35 shipped Misc stuff: Offer Remember, I'll take trades! Just let me know what you've got!
  9. BUMP MP7 Sold MP5 has some good offers, but no movement yet SVD is still here, and I'm still on the fence about it :/
  10. Hello! Thanks for looking! Couple quick rules: 1. I accept USPS money order or paypal only. 2. Shipping isn't included 3. If you have any questions/want more pictures, please PM me asking for some more. 4. I've done my best to accurately describe all items I'm selling. If I made a mistake, please let me know. My feedback is solid on here, my home airsoft forum (AirsoftCT), and ebay. Buy with confidence! 5. The only trade I'm really looking for is a USP. If you have something else though, offer up. I'm in the market for VSR parts and real gear, but that doesn't mean I'll turn down other trade offers (including boneyards). The best trade though is cash :D So here we go! 1. WELL R4 (MP7): $55 The only thing that's wrong with this is there is no battery, it was lost in transport. This guy should be more than good to go though. Comes with the 30rd low cap. No upgrades, just bone stock. Shot fine before I lost the battery, so I'm anticipating it's still fine now. Pictures! 2. CYMA MP5A4: $Offer This is the CYMA 041.B Model. Got it off a person who took a bunch of small things out of it, and I was going to try and replace most of them but plans kind of fell through. This is the OEM of the E1 master series, and it's quite nice. Quick takedown metal body (which, if you've ever had an MP5 before, is a blessing :P), nice metal RAS, and one of the nicest full stocks I've ever held on an MP5. Basically, offer away at what you want on it. Pics! 3. Real Sword SVD Package: $625 Alright, so to make a short story, this was my present to myself for getting into med school, but other things in life have come up and I can't justify keeping this bad boy. In short, this is probably the nicest airsoft replica you will ever own. I am the second owner, and the first did not put that many rounds through it along with myself. This is the 1st gen SVD. The only upgrades it has is an upgraded spring and TM MKIII mosfet (Essentially a Cheetah mosfet). I chrono'd it today at 370 with .3g bbs, so this will meet most field DMR limits. It has a kalinka BP-02 SVD scope mount which is rock solid, a bipod that I believe is the ACM SVD version (though I could be wrong, it's quite durable), and finally the AIM 4x32 scope. The price listed will come with in addition to whatever is pictured: -Spare SVD mag -Cleaning Rod - 3 Real Sword Pistons - 1 Real Sword Spring Guide - 1 Real Sword Gearset - 1 Firefox 20C 1200mAh 11.1V lipo battery - 1 Real Sword ARL Again, I'm not 100% sure on this. It's such a nice gun, but the hockey bug bit me, plus graduation around the corner has made some unforseen expenses. I do know that I'm asking a lot, and would be more than happy to make a package deal that can tailor to your needs. I'll take trades on this too, but they will all be partial unless it's something ridiculously nice (I.e. Systema PTW, 240B, etc.) I do have video upon request, please PM me if you're SERIOUS (keyword: Serious) about purchasing. Pictures! Questions? PM me! Thanks so much for looking! Have a great day!
  11. Nothing too fancy, just need a magnifying scope. 4x preferred, ACOG styled is nice but not required. Thanks!
  12. Need a few quick bucks? If you have any of those listed, I'll gladly take it! Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the heads up! SUPER BUMP, MP5K is essentially sold, USP sold SOC16 I'll do 150 shipped for the rifle, gun bag, and a hi cap. That is a friggin steal. Might part out too if the offer is right. Don't be afraid to offer! Still accepting trades
  14. TTT 40 shipped for the USP 265 shipped for the SOC package (still looking for trades!)
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