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  1. I have had zero experience with what I am about to suggest, but I've seen this sector gear floating around the interwebz called the Cyclone Gear. Some dude on Youtube threw it in a P90 and was getting 50 RPS on an 8.4 or something.... I have no experience with it, but it might be worth trying out.
  2. I'm gonna come completely out of left field here and recommend the Victorinox SwissTool. Or the Victorinox Spirit, if you want something a little bit lighter weight.
  3. I hope they make a Charger kit.
  4. I am...intrigued, to say the least. Just looking at pure practicality, it appears to be a winner, but...something's just not right about taking on all the M4s and the AKs and whatnot with a replica .22LR.
  5. If you can live without the VG, I'd strongly, strongly, strongly reccomend a 4Sevens Maelstrom G5 or Quark Turbo.
  6. There's also a Kydex MP7 holster available on eHobby. ((Kydex is kind of a thin flexible polymer material, used most frequently in knife sheaths. It's great stuff.))
  7. My King Arms G3 mids fed really well in my old JG, so I dunno.
  8. So I'm looking into getting one of the new ICS Galils, but I don't know if there are any midcaps that will work reliably with it. I do know King Arms makes midcaps for their own Galil (and by extension the CYMA), but I'm not sure if they work with the ICS OOTB or if it's even possible to mod them to fit. Help?
  9. I recently came into possession of this old tan MOLLE vest (not sure which brand; I'm thinking it's Condor but there's no tags on it), and there's no zipper pull on it. How can I go about fixing this?
  10. The standard M4. The S-System is a little too front-heavy for my tastes, and installing the battery is a pain.
  11. I'd definitely buy from a gear store like this. Other brands I'd recommend: -TruSpec -Tac Force (not the gun rebranders, the gear company) -Mechanix (their gloves) -Alta (their kneepads)
  12. inb4/ storm It all depends on what you want out of it. Upgradeability, get the ICS. Stellar performance OOTB, get the KWA. There's also the new ICS Sportlines, so if you wanted to save a little money and still have the split gearbox and all the good stuff, you could get that.
  13. A while ago, I had to take apart the hammer mech of my Y&P USP to clear a particularly bad jam, and it's been sitting in pieces for a few months now and I'd like to be able to actually use it. However, I cannot find any directions on how to put it back together. Help?
  14. The ACM M500 has metal externals. It is also made by BE, as discovered a year or so ago.
  15. There's a chance I'll be getting some kind of M4 variant in the coming months (most likely an ICS), and I would prefer to run a buffer tube lipoly so I can install an RIS and not have to worry about a full/crane stock, PEQ box, or battery bag. However, I have no idea where to get them or which brands are best. Help?
  16. I have an ICS Gen4 MP5A5. It's kinda sucked (mainly due to the fact that the wiring is really awkward in an A5 and I kept destroying it whenever I'd fieldstrip it or whatever).
  17. I've had kind of a sour experience with my ICS/SW MP5, but that's probably because it's an A5 and, since everything's such a tight fit (giggity), once you so much as slide the upper off, there's no way you'll be able to get it back together correctly. If I knew what I know now when I bought it, I would have gone with an A4 like you, so good choice there IMO. Before I started majorly screwing with it, the performance was phenomenal, but only after I swapped out the Turbo3K; it shot really slowly and would sizzle if I held the trigger down for too long. Probably just a lemon, based on everyone else's experiences with it. Since I've got it, I've rewired it to Deans and gold-plated motor connectors (a big mistake in hindsight; the headache-caused-to-performance-boost ratio is totally out of whack) and changed out the bucking (the stock one is really flimsy and starts to cause double-feeding after a while, but since everything's so tight and awkward to get back together, I had a really hard time doing that too and now the accuracy sucks). Again, all the problems I had could've been avoided with an A4.
  18. I'm pretty sure I've seen plastic V2s at like Big5 and stuff like that. Also STAR/ARES likes to use plastic for gearbox shells sometimes.
  19. 1: The paint on the tube likes to wear off (I remedied this by just stripping it all off) and it will loosen eventually (just tighten it with a 4mm hex bit on a long stick), but for the sake of flexibility, it's great. 2: The barrel on mine has eaten its fair share of door frames in its lifetime. Also, I find it kind of hard to sling it over my back and keep it as a secondary; my CQB field requires a low-FPS pistol/shotgun for close encounters and room clearing, and since I don't really have anything else, I'm stuck with it. I've found that it's hard to unsling it quickly and it likes to flop around whenever I'm running (although that could just be the fault of my carry system; I use a 2pt sling). If it's going to be a secondary, I'd recommend the shorty M3 or something similar. Another gripe I have is the difficulty in pumping it. It's okay for the first hour or so, but then it starts to hurt like a female dog. Also it totally kills your ability to transition and shoot lefty (at least for me; it could just be that I'm weak) if the piece of cover you're using won't let you shoot conventionally.
  20. It's supposed to adjust itself. I have no idea how well it actually works, however.
  21. So...you're saying that the KJWs can't take it?
  22. Lately, I've been kinda looking into getting a CO2 GBB, for sake of snappier blowback , stronger recoil, and something I can use in the cold. Since KJWs are always advertised as being CO2 ready, I was checking them out, but I wanted to make sure that it'll actually work reliably and not break down within a few mags. So I ask: Would a KJW make a good CO2 gun? If not, what other options are there? (If anyone's wondering, I'm looking at the 1911 line in particular)
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