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  1. I honestly thought they were going to lose. They kept Peyton off the field, which is what they needed to do.
  2. I've heard good things about the Element motor. Just to be safe, I would go with the G&P.
  3. Their GBs are good (G&P's) but they can't compare to a KWA's gearbox. I'd go with a KWA any day.
  4. Systema motors have a problem where something on the endbell iodizes or something of sort. It's an easy fix if you know what you are doing.
  5. Gte the Cyma and save yourself $50. They are the same thing.
  6. Lolwut? G&P Gears are known to snap at the stem after about 25k rounds. If you are talking only the motors the Systema will give better performance but it will not last as long. If it was me choosing, I'd get the one with Systema internals.
  7. Errrggg, I don't think I should even enter anymore. Might as well though. Cyma CM.036-$5 E1 H-nub, Systema bucking $6, Modify Shims $5, Guarder SP110 $15. Total is $31 (I'm not including a 9.6 intellect) FPS-380, ROF-my guesstimate is 15 RPS, range 125-130 or so with G&G .25s No external mods what so ever.
  8. osu5312


    This is why I love Japanese TV.
  9. Go with an Edgi barrel, systema bucking and SCS nub.
  10. G&P M140 anybody???? Anywho, anz got a 3 rps just when switching from a TM EG1000 to an element HT motor. Not to mention the better TR.
  11. It shouldn't be a shimming issue. If it was shimming your gearbox would lock up, have a grinding sound, or sound like a stock JG.
  12. An SCS nub will improve your range/accuracy. Get an Edgi barrel if you really want too.
  13. Chinese gov got all prissy about them making replicas. Raided their shops and destroyed all their molds. Chinese gov still has a tight hold on them. They are moving. /thread.
  14. Anyone have to link of the guy playing the equivalent of DDR on his comp? It's hilarious. I know it's not a sport but it's still hilarious.
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