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  1. Omg people. C'mon. These aren't the finished products. They are just showing some of the work so they have something to show off for the preorder. The finished products will have a better finish. This is Ares people. Seriously.
  2. I would be in if I could finish my M4. I only need a body and to mod a few things but I'm busy with the holidays and everything so we'll see. So for now I'm a maybe
  3. He was just making a joke about the size of their trademarks. Don't think it was really a bash on the quality of their guns.
  4. Another pretty good guide I found a while back: http://www.858airsoft.com/upgrades/shim.html
  5. I've been using Lipos for years in many different types of guns and I've never had any problems but I think its funny how people still think that they are "risky" or "dangerous" to use. I always hear kids talking about guns not being "lipo ready" and stuff like that and I just think its all marketing crap. Of course from severe abuse or improper use they can be dangerous, but not if you are smart about them. They are smaller, more powerful, and have higher capacities than standard batteries so I don't get why people don't use them more. I found this vid and thought it was a pretty good example of their application and debunks a few myths about these useful batteries and I wanted to share with you guys:
  6. Just hit up ebaybanned.com. They have tons of unique flash hiders for very cheap.
  7. This has been answered sooooo many times. We need a sticky or something because it seems like we get so many posts about "What are is da best bucking/barrel?" All good answers here but you could probably find the same with a quick search.
  8. Just go with Dboys or CYMA. Can't go wrong with either.
  9. Don't be unsure. He's a great guy. Gave me a great deal on some gear and is very nice. Great guy to deal with.
  10. Looking for an M4 metal body. It must have trades and be in very good condition. Hit me up if anyone has one.
  11. Both would be good starter guns and would hold up fine. I would just pick which gun you like more.
  12. How is this not sold yet?..Do you guys understand the deal you're getting here? This is a TM for god sakes! And where are my mags Riptide??
  13. I would say go for the Prommy gears over the Systema. I have heard nothing but amazing things about them. The Systemas sound solid as well but I've also heard a few bad stories abot them. I would assume those are rare cases though so you probably be fine with either but for me I'd go Prommy. Also you might want to have a piston on deck just in case yours goes out. Maybe a Supercore or a G&G Co-Alloy. Something like that but its up to you really.
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