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  1. alright, getting rid of this stuff fast. firm prices, as I've already lowered them. paypal only. CONUS only. 1. Primary Arms Comp m3 Aimpoint clone. MEANT FOR REAL STEAL, TOP QUALITY, NO SCRATCHES. will include brand new set of batteries. $60 + $5 shipping $50 shipped! 2. 8mm Modify torus gearbox shell WITH immobilized 8mm SHS bearings. polished inner walls and piston rails. incudes modify tappet plate, torque tool (for the screws, not pictured), and all hardware except one of the 4 upper screws (no effect on stability) ONLY ABOUT 300 ROUNDS PUT THROUGH THIS SHELL $50 + $5 shipping $45 shipped! SOLD! 3. SHS v2 Spring Guide. Like new, barely used.$5 + $3 shipping FREE TO FIRST PERSON THAT BUYS #1, 2, or 5! GONE! 4. SHS 13:1 gear set. Short stroked 2 teeth on pickup side. BARELY USED, LIKE NEW CONDITION. $17 + $3 shipping $15 shipped! 5. Madbull black gemtech HALO mock suppressor, BRAND NEW, no scratches.$40 + $5 shipping $35 shipped! thanks for looking!
  2. Bump. Pictures added. Please stop lowballing/ trying to get a price drop. As I have said, prices are firm.
  3. Now selling the last of my parts. please take a quick look at my rules and notes: 1. prices are pretty firm. please do not try to haggle me. 2. prices are NOT shipped. shipping is usually an extra $3-5 3. no shipping outside of the continental united states. 4. get a dollar off the final price for figuring out where the typo in the rules is. 5. do not threadcrap. in fact, please do not post in my thread at all, if you have a question please contact me privately. (free bumps are the exception to the rule and always welcome ;) 5. First come, first serve. please do not ask me to hold anything. 6. contact via PM. I like to get transactions done fast. 7. Paypal only thanks, now that that has been read, check out whats for sale down below :) 1. SOLD 2. 8mm Modify torus gearbox shell with immobilized 8mm SHS bearings. polished inner walls and piston rails. incudes modify tappet plate (I forgot to add this in the pic), and all hardware except one of the 4 upper screws (no effect on stability) ONLY ABOUT 300 ROUNDS PUT THROUGH THIS SHELL 50$ 3. SOLD 4. SHS 13:1 gear set. Short stroked 2 teeth on pickup side. BARELY USED, LIKE NEW CONDITION. $17 5. SOLD 6. SOLD 7. SOLD 8. SHS v2 Spring Guide. Like new, barely used. $5 9.SOLD 10. Primary Arms Comp m3 Aimpoint clone. MEANT FOR REAL STEAL, TOP QUALITY, NO SCRATCHES. will include brand new set of batteries. $60 11. Madbull black gemtech HALO mock suppressor, BRAND NEW, no scratches. $40 12. SOLD SOLD 14. SOLD That is all. again, if you have any questions, please PM me. Thanks for looking B
  4. gonna have to sell this baby, need cash for a laptop. I hate to do this, but I haven't gone airsofting in ages, and I'm having a hard time justifying keeping this in my garage. right now the gb parts are not in it, but I may part out the gearbox and the optics (and just leave in the hop up, and prommy 6.03 407mm) along with the externals. I.e. FS will be everything (but optics) in the pic and the stock hop up and prommy. prommy is brand new. unfortunately was never able to field this baby. sooooo, can anyone suggest a reasonable price to sell this at? condition is absolutely fantastic. magpul parts are all genuine aside from grip being PTS (obviously). suppressor is brand new madbull halo.
  5. Might begin parting this out. For now here are some prices. Note that everything is in great to like new condition. Afg2 - $30 Eotech 557 replica (red/green)- $50 Silencer -$55 Madbull tbb (brand new) 363mm - $30 Xcr by itself with stock inner barrel and flash hider -$400 Free shipping on everything
  6. Please read this thread that was on the front page of the Upgrades and Modifications sub forum.
  7. I'll third this. I'll even go further and say that terry IS the nicest guy in the airsoft industry. as far as the problem you had with the screw terminals, I would usually cut about third of a centimeter of the insulation off, and then twist the wiring so that it was all tightly bunched. its a bit of a tight fit, but I've always managed to get the wire in. that is using 16AWG as well. you probably didnt have it deep enough. you have to stick it in real good. :prop:
  8. I love free bumps. Thanks guys for the compliments :) Bump
  9. please take a few seconds to read my rules: - I ship to the Continental United States ONLY - I only accept PAYPAL - PM me offers - Not looking for a trade. need $$ ok, so yeah, you read the title correctly... my pride and joy, is now on the market. I really hate to have to sell this, but because of college tuition, I am short on money. I have spent COUNTLESS hours working on this gun, and around $900 on the aeg itself, and parts and upgrades. This is the same XCR that won "Best AEG" in the summer build off (check sig). only seen light use, since I rarely play on the fields these days.. it has been loved. ------------------------------------- External upgrades - ACM Magpul backup sights - Madbull Surefire 6" mock supressor - Magpul AFG2 - Magpul Rail guards - ACM Eotech 557 replica Internal upgrades - Madbull 363mm 6.03 barrel - ARS CNC Cylinder head - element cylinder - SHS 14 metal teeth piston - Modify Polycarb piston head - SHS 16:1 ratio gearset - SHS Shims - SHS 8mm Bearings - Tienly GT35000 High torque motor - KWA 2GX bucking - Deans connectors - Guarder sp110 spring - Extreme fire SW-AB-LONG (with AB removed, so it is just a regular, high power mosfet) - 11.1v 30c 2650mah battery (external with brand new battery pouch included) DIY Modifications - Sanded tappet plate about 1mm - Changed #14 o-ring and stretched - Teflon taped cylinder head - Re-shimmed according to bevel gear - re-greased - Corrected AoE with sorbothane - radiused gearbox - Stabilized inner barrel with teflon tape - Swiss cheese'd piston - polished cylinder - polished piston rails NOTES - the AEG has really been lightly used, but it does have a few scratches here and there. nothing that takes away from the look of the gun at all. overall, the external condition is great. if you would like some pics of the scratches, let me know. - I had installed an R-hop in this, but unfortunately, I took the barrel assembly out one day, and the patch dropped somewhere to where I could not find it. so, the KWA bucking has the inner mound shaved, but there is no patch in there. if the buyer wishes, I can include a regular bucking in with the internal mound in tact in place of the KWA bucking, OR I can include a couple R-hop patches that have been unmodified/unused (exactly how they came from HS5). - the safety is finicky. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. this may be able to be fixed with a new selector plate, though I am not completely sure. - I have done some modifications to the pistol grip in order to fit the mosfet. - one of the motor tabs broke off, so I am using screw terminals with it. works excellent. - shooting (very consistently) right around 400fps with .2's at 27 rps. - upper gearbox was polished on the outside, so it is shiny :D - the asking price will include everything pictured along with the 11.1v battery with pouch mentioned, and 3 NEW mag 110 rd mid caps. ------------------------------------- Before I ship the gun out, I will double check EVERYTHING on the AEG. I will also provide a video with the current date to show you [the buyer] how it is shooting. really attatched to this weapon, therefore testing the waters here, but as far as price goes, let's say $515 shipped. remember, I have spent around $900 on this thing, and add on to that all the time and effort that went into it. things like the battery, mags and eotech might be taken out, if you would like to bring down the price a bit. I think that is everything. drop me a PM if you are interested, and thanks for looking!
  10. star is right. here is what hs5 said in a PM a while back.
  11. I don't think I was moved. could it be because I am a paid seller? edit: actually I do have access. its just not shown in the "group" section of my profile.
  12. Really? he said that you can file a claim, and he will do nothing to fight it. Where in your mind does that make you think he is scamming? he has WAY more important stuff to deal with than catering to your selfish needs. put yourself in his shoes, and look at this from a personal perspective, and not a business perspective. I know if my house burned down, I would be absolutely devastated, and frankly, I probably wouldn't even be bothering to post a thread like this, so be glad that he did. Mhak, REALLY sorry to hear about this. my prayers go out to your family.
  13. why? airborne, I'll holla atchu muhboi, we'll kick it, and yaknow, have a jrink an kickit. kidding aside, I, like all the other guys posting in here, would like access to these forums. especially for the off topic section. a little about me: I am 18, I've been into airsofting (on and off) for the past couple years. just recently I started dipping my toes into the mechanical and electrical side of things and how they work together to form an AEG. I've really enjoyed learning about how it all works together, so much so, that I have decided to pursue an electrical engineering major in school. that journey is still just beginning, however I see a bright future in it (aside from the killer physics, calculus, and chemistry homework that go along with it). Anyways, I own/have owned several AEG's and one GBB. I would like access to further enjoy these boards in other areas of discussion. thanks. edit: btw, I'm not sure if I can be an elite member and paid seller at the same time... if I can't I'll cancel the paid seller membership. currently not really selling anything anyways. if I can, well cool.
  14. if he's sure it is in the gearbox, then you'll just have to open that sucker up and get back to us. I couldnt watch the vid (no sound) but if the gun cycles, just with a grindy noise, its either horrible shimming, pinion to bevel gear meshing, or motor height.
  15. im debating on maybe a UBR for the sentry. any thoughts?
  16. I suppose so, although the longest burst was only half a second. hopefully the cheaters don't know how to count and multiply :P
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJlh-AuyzVQ hmm... not sure what ROF this is shooting at. my mic also is not working, so I cant use audacity to figure it out. I have an idea, but wanted some outside feedback. anyways.. to make this somewhat interesting, and a little fun, I'll ship this [14mm CCW] flash hider (below) to the person who guesses correctly. in other words, guess the ROF and win the flash hider. one guess per person! I'll be able to confirm the ROF, since I'll be buying a chrono off of m9 this week. when I get the chrono, I'll run the sentry through, and PM the winner/post here.
  18. ah. well I figured bismarck was the one "fixing" the gun up for the guy that bought it from you, which I thought was the reasoning for him contacting you, since you told the buyer that you would help to compensate for the missing parts. if bismarck actually bought the gun from your buyer, that makes this entire thing even more ridiculous. so why is he saying that he sent you the money? can we get the name of the original buyer?
  19. Honestly, I would just be trolling him by now. This is entertainment better than any reality TV show in the air. Link him to this thread. I wanna see what he would put in here. Edit: oh and Tomz, this is the guy that supposedly bought the psg from muntjac13. there wasn't any "in between" transactions. I think you just read something wrong.
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