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  1. Sorry Not really looking for trades. Thanks for the offer tho Pending on a guy who is waiting for funds, First come first serve so who ever is willing to pay asking price first its theres
  2. I bought these like 4 months ago when I got my new M4 but always defaulted to high caps so I really don't need them anymore. I bought them for $65 on GI Link here King Arms Mid Mags All of them work but two of them kinda stick and to have to hit it to get the BBs to feed again. I lubed them and cleaned and its better but not perfect. Been told that I need to Break them in more and I rarely use them so they are not broke in by any means. All of them have home made Mag pulls on them and the black tape is only on there to eliminate wobble in my magwell. Can be Removed on Request. Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Sold Thanks Guys
  3. Do you provide combined Shipping from your ebay store?
  4. Heres a bunch of nihm batteries that we have collected over a few years. We went lipo recently and we don't need these any more. All keep a charge and work great. All are deans plugs as you can see in the pictures. Heres the catch, I want to sell them in on big bunch. So if one of you guys like you could buy the whole thing then sell them off one by one and make back what you spent and more. Im asking $120 for the whole thing shipped. Heres Pictures Thanks for looking
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