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  1. I have a G&P MOE with under 5k through it. It will come with 7 beta project Pmagsin FDE, 1 emag in black, an AAC flash hider and I'll throw in a G&P aimpoint knock off. It is wired to deans, and also has an ambi mag release. Looking for $350 shipped.
  2. Bump I found the M16, now I just need; 20rd Vietnam type mags, the 1911A1 and mags for it.
  3. Well I'm finally getting around to building my US Vietnam loadout. I'm looking for a M16A1 or a XM177E1, preferably G&P. I'm also looking for a M1911A1, preferably TM or KJW. Please no WEs! I'm also looking for TM compatable 1911A1 mags, and Vietnam 20rd type midcaps; G&P, Mag or Kingarms.
  4. I have a new GOPRO Hero 2 that I bought a few months back. It's been sitting on my office desk since, unsed and collecting dust. I opened it and charged it, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I also have some Direct Action Multicam by O.P.S. I have the OPS Integrated Battle Pants(M), OPS Integrated Battle Shirt(M) and OPS Direct Action Shirt (SL). I'm looking for a nice M4(G&P, or select KWAs), a nice AK, GBBR(WE PDW prefered) or GBB(TM only). If you have anything else that you think might interest me, hit me up! Pics upon request.
  5. Yeah, I unfortunately sold my TM Glock 18c before really fielding my XD. I definitely have a case of seller's regret! I'm lucky I kept my TM Glock 26 though. Lol Anyways good luck with your sale, and I may be hitting you up for that 26 Advanced if I can get rid of my Direct Action MC. :P
  6. Darn you and your nice TMs! Lol you're tempting me to sell my new TM XDM.
  7. I hate you right now. I've been eyeballing this for like a month now. I keep thinking how perfect this would be for another KJW hicapa build. Sad part is, I just sold my KP05 like a two months ago. :P
  8. I would definitely take any unboughten mags then from the previous two guys.
  9. The BFG Fastmag clones on ebair are actually really decent as well. Take a look at them.
  10. Bump. SR5 will now include a JBU tbb and barrel extension as well.
  11. Nice work so far man! I have two suggestions for you though. First sew in stirrups into the ankles and wrists using just elastic bands. This will prevent the suit from riding up while you're crawling around. Second being, you might want to do big splotches of color. So do a big splotch of darks and then big splotch light. From distance small color differation is unoticeable, and ends up blending together. Overall great job though! PS: Also if you can find OD or camo mosquito type netting, it works great too. Cut out leaf shapes and then tie them in. It adds more texture and 3D, than just plain jute. Cut them so there are two "leafs" in one, and before you tie them in twist them a bit so they stick out more.
  12. Bumpage, XPS3 clone sold. Knock $15 off the total price.
  13. Bump, $20 off guns through to the fourth! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend guys!
  14. Bump, $20 off guns through to the fourth! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend guys!
  15. Like it was mentioned previously, Serpas are a great choice. I use Serpas for duty purposes, and I've never had an issue. Safariland holsters are also a great choice. They're around the same as a Serpa dropleg. They're a bit slower on the draw, but a bit more comfy.
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