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  1. Awesome! Now you'll be able to get one hit kills... oh wait... But forserious that looks pretty cool, how does it shoot?
  2. Also, TM's shotguns came before all the other shotguns. It's not them taking advantage of their well known company, at the time it was normal for everyone to buy a $200+ TM if they wanted to play airsoft, even if it was a spring shotgun.
  3. Keep em all under my bed, original boxes or gun bags for the guns, boxes I've collected from stuff being delivered to my house for misc items(bbs, batteries, some gear, mags, etc.) I've got a spot in my closet if necessary for more misc stuff.
  4. I wouldn't recommend a WELL, they're generally not known for good quality. Look at CYMAs, JGs, Echo 1s, and G&Gs, they make decent to good quality airsoft products for low prices. You should also try buying used. Airsoft guns have terrible resale value so you can find a lot of good stuff for really cheap if you look around for used stuff here or even eBay and craigslist.
  5. WELLs and JGs are as good as you'll get for your price range in terms of Skorpions. I strongly doubt it gets 200ft though, I never tested the range of my JG Skorpion but I'd assume its a lot less than that. They're fun to play with though, if you're playing CQB like you should with these guys then the range and fps won't matter, they've got a good trigger response and ROF with the provided 7.2 battery. I believe mine chrono'd around 260-270 fps with .2s.
  6. Yeah, SC village is one of those paintsoft fields that I'm not very fond of. I'd rather play at Tac City.
  7. For parts I usually check out khmountain, eHobbyAsia, Evike or Redwolf. Any standard AEG piston should work. You can find disassembly videos on youtube.
  8. Since some guy who is bestest buddies with ASGI's Tim uses a Nerf axe in GITV's videos everyone thinks its superlulz and awesome.
  9. WELL makes UMAREX's MP7. They use the same gearbox with very similar materials and tolerances, so they will perform very similarly. I would choose the MP7 because of the availability of magazines and accessibility of holstering options.
  10. I like MOLLE, because when I sell my gun for a new gun, I can just buy new pouches rather than a new vest if the mags are different. I also only have pouches I want/need. You also have control of where the pouches go and what feels more ergonomically good to how you play.
  11. ... No ones gonna comment on that? Am I missing something? To become an authorized seller, put your stuff on SOA, then PM admin. Or you can pay a fee.
  12. Condor gear is fine for airsoft. If you think you will be putting your gear through a lot of wear you can get Pantac/Flyye gear for 20-40 dollars more. Also, real gear is a good option, you know it will never break on you. Tactical Tailor, HSGI, Eagle Industries, etc. are some examples of real gear brands you can look into. Buying used gear can save you a lot of money too, so look into that if you're comfortable buying used.
  13. http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=33011 the dollar special has been out of stock for a while, I guess they were losing a lot of money or something. It's been this 5 dollar deal for a while now. Wheres that MP5 for 101.75 shipped? sounds like a good deal for a loaner/backup/resale aeg.
  14. Well, seems KWA and whoever else wants to mark up their stuff with proper licensing are going to be the only ones with H&K stuff now. Evike's got great deals with the remaining ECHO 1 MP5s though, plus their +2 cheap holy cow mag special.
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