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  1. I'm sure it was common knowledge. It was 45+20+20=85, out of 100 boxes.
  2. Man, I really like how that looks. Wonderful job, and the paint meshes with the 552 front-end very nicely. I didn't notice it until I re-read and looked for it. Good stuff man.
  3. I'm very jealous, but I still don't regret my decision to skip on the box. With an 85% chance of a JG(nothing bad with an enhanced JG m16, but I have 3 JGs on me right now) I just couldn't find myself to purchase one.
  4. sorbo on the piston head for/during AoE adjustment helps muffle the sound of the piston head thwacking forward. & foam filled silencers are illegal btdubz just saying.
  5. Give your spring time to 'break in'. Some springs will shoot hotter when you first stick them in, then settle to the advertised fps after a while.
  6. Meh, those suck too. I've got one and it shoots ridiculously low now. I can shoot someone within inches and they'll barely feel it with their BDUs on. I like it as a blowgun better, since I broke off the barrel and now its a detachable barrel. its got somewhat of a fixed hop-up so you can load it up with 1-3 bbs and blow-shoot it way farther and faster than if you shot it with the springer mechanism. Nice holster-filler though. from a couple feet away having the full 14-inch(I think the barrels like 7-8 inches) revolver in your holster looks pretty sick.
  7. They tried to sell the site. Don't think anybody wanted to buy it.
  8. I wouldn't upgrade the FPS of an AEP gearbox. They're rather likely to crack. I've seen it on TMs and WELLs.
  9. ASF had a thread back in July 2010 after the AirsoftOutletNW seizure very similar to this thread. http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/news2/14882 A WA system GBBR clone by JG was modified to accept a real upper receiver and real .223 rounds.
  10. No. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/fla...og-14mm-cw.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/fla...k-14mm-ccw.html
  11. Bookmark the site as http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/forums.html or just use that url when you're typing in the site and it'll bring you straight to the forums logged in already. Nobody looks at that homepage ever.
  12. And JG enhanced M16s are great, especially getting them for like 110 or whatever the price was.
  13. Also, my JG SIG long hi-cap does not clamp with my MAG mids or my TM lows. Also I thought I'd throw in that my TM lows hold somewhere in the mid30s and my MAG midcaps can only get like 60 in there.
  14. RPS-wise possibly. Your gearbox should function more smoothly and efficiently with good grease than factory grease. I wouldn't expect a very noticeable increase though.
  15. What fps are you trying to achieve? On an unlimited budget for range/accuracy/fps upgrades I would purchase: Guarder Bore up/Enhancement Cylinder set ($50-$60) Guarder or G&P piston, if Bore-up is chosen over regular enhancement set. (20$) EdGI 6.03mm 534mm inner barrel($85) G&P Shims($4) G&P Bushings($12) Systema Bucking & SCS nub (14$) PDI ____ Spring (Depending on desired FPS, ~15$) Also, FPS does not equal range, a stock 280fps TM MP5K will outrange any stock 400fps JG/CYMA/Cybergun. Element Max torque motor (25$) Guarder Spring Guide (12$) Bioshot .3g BBs($17) BB quality is a very important factor in range. +regrease, AoE correction, rewire, and MOSFET. A more realistic, budget range build could be made with just the bushings, shims, bucking, nub, and a more affordable barrel and maybe some teflon tape & a new oring to fix compression.
  16. mrquackbunny

    Light up BBs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmaXbtKhUf4 Madbull, Tokyo Marui, Excel, and a few other manufacturers make glow-in-the-dark BBs.
  17. Certainly not a bad price for the Cybergun SIG 550, I think thats about where the retail price is. For more accuracy & range, get an SCS(or H-nub), Sytema bucking, and a Madbull, Prometheus, PDI, or other high quality barrel. Try to get 6.02-6.05 for the barrel. Tighter is NOT always better, don't pick based on that. You shouldn't be concerned about jamming if you keep a clean barrel and use high-quality BBs like G&G, TM, Bioshot, BB King, Goldenball, etc. You're going to want .25g or .28g BBs. .2g is fine for CQB but at farther ranges it is more affected by drag and wind, while heavier weights are better at retaining momentum. You should be able to find disassembly videos on youtube or google. The JG SIG 550 is the same gun by the way, Cybergun just has Swiss Arms & Sig Sauer licenses for airsoft to legally bring it into the US with "trademarks". Here are some sites I'd recommend you buy your airsoft things from: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ (eHobbyAsia is an HK based retailer, so the prices are lower and the shipping is higher, compared to US based retailers like ASGI and Evike) http://www.airsoftgi.com/ http://airsoftpost.com/
  18. Well then I've got some good news for you. Straight from the facebook page of ASGI: "Airsoft GI Alright guys, these Battle Star Mystery Boxes sold out in about ten minutes. Given the fact that they are so popular we have decided to do another run. This run will be on sale tomorrow (2/4/2011) at 5PM Pacific (8PM Eastern). Be ready to go because if these go as fast as the first run you will only have 10 minutes or so to place your order!"
  19. If you're concerned about the trades coming intact then email or call them about it.
  20. What kind of SIG 550 is it? The JG/Cybergun one? Assuming it is, I would not suggest a LiPO out of the box, and they do not make drum magazines. They make MAG 100rnd midcaps and JG 300rd hi-caps. The JG hi-caps feed very well and can be found at great prices. for a support role, what are you looking for? a higher rof? I'd say get an elite 9.6v NiMH battery and if you're not yet satisfied an Element hi speed or hi-torque motor in there. More range? SCS, Sytema bucking, and a Madbull, Prometheus, PDI, or other high quality barrel. Also, if it is like the JG SIG 552, it has 6mm plastic bushings that you should replace with 6mm metal bushings. A reshim, regrease and compression test should also be done. That is of course, if you're comfortable with opening it up.
  21. Yeah, it came out on the 27th at noon and sold out in like.. 3 hours? I think. I hope Evike re-releases this box or makes a new GBB box.
  22. haha yeah, I was so excited when they were slowly revealing the things that were going to be in the box on facebook. I thought there would be a lot more variety, but I guess beggers can't be choosers. I really like this new mystery box craze that Evike & ASGI are doing.
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