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  1. lol c'mon now carbonfibreguy, he's new. Pretty much any P90 magazine you find on a reputable airsoft retail site(ASGI, Evike, eHobby) will be compatible with your P90 if it is a Marui clone. http://www.airsoftpost.com/index.php?cPath=23_56_567
  2. He doesn't like JG so he might not open up this topic. also, the title has nothing to do with tbs so he might not see the opportunity to strike.
  3. Kapowwe. the ASGI and Evike mystery boxes will give you 1 gun. They have the ratios in the description of those boxes. speaking of mystery boxes, ASGI is putting out a new awesome box with an awesome 85% chance of getting a JG M16/SR16 variant. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=7574
  4. Never have I been more excited for any picture on this forum.
  5. Look for Woodland BDUs or look around the for sale stuff in this forum and you might get lucky. I've seen a lot of BDUs go for ridiculously cheap on this forum.
  6. Well he did say that he wants more range, this could be his only gun for all of his field and CQB games.
  7. TMs are not shooting 150ft because they shoot low fps. They shoot that far because of the extremely high quality parts used in the Tokyo Marui hop-up unit, barrel, and airseal/compression parts. What is your CQB field's FPS limit? I would suggest meeting that limit, or going slightly below it and adding a Systema bucking, scs nub, and Madbull 6.03mm barrel.
  8. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/firefly-130-upg...ing-pistol.html lolol. upgrade spring ftw. Isn't 130% in the low 300fps range? that could make this a not-suck pistol.
  9. looks like something for their line of cheap stuff for kids. cool idea though.
  10. The "Advanced Search" link isn't working for you?
  11. MAG M4 midcaps should fit. They come in box sets and are probably the cheapest you can get.
  12. IKR, I was going to get one but I got home at like 5pm after school and it was sold out, oh well.
  13. You guys should watch the Cybergun Shot show video on ASGI's channel. I don't think they're bad people. They are letting airsoft guns with (almost) proper trademarks be produced LEGALLY. They're working with G&G, ICS, and other high end brands and real steel companies like FN, Sig Sauer, Swiss Arms etc to produce quality products, clear of legal problems and with trademarks.
  14. they're going to be putting out a new box copypasted from facebook. "Super Box of Awesomess - Platinum "GBB" Edition? Time of Awesomeness: Jan 27th, 2011. 12:01pm" " Gas Blowback Rifles and Gas Blowback Pistols only. Western Arms, Marui, KWA, WE, Socom Gear, KJW, HFC. Super value, super pricing and great guns! Of course, there will be some custom guns and high $ amount Evike.com gift cards as well." So, just letting you guys now. If you get it post your stuff here. I might get one depending on the price. Hopefully its low since theres going to be HFC, WE and KJW stuff.
  15. We should get ASF sponsors to sponsor buildoffs. that'd be so awesome sauce. and by sponsor I mean give free stuff to winners.
  16. I don't think you know what a conversion kit does. It makes something look like something else. Does this look anything like an M1A1 Thompson to you? Probably not, because the conversion kit made it look unlike a Thompson, and made it look like a pulse rifle.
  17. I've got a JG Skorp that I broke a couple months ago. I think its just locked up or something but I'm too lazy to figure out how to open it up or anything. I might be selling it soon, unless I un-lazy up and figure out whats really wrong and fix it. I'll let you know.
  18. I use a cardboard box filled with newspaper and packing peanuts and stuff to absorb the impact from the bb so it doesn't bounce off the cardboard or go through it.
  19. lol I actually have one of those MAG SIG midcaps in my hand, to try and visualize what the op was trying to say. As you can see the spring goes up and down and uses as much space in the mag as possible.
  20. There isn't too much extra space, the bbs don't just go straight down. The bbs go up and down and use up most of the magazine's space.
  21. There are like 10 year old kids who get their mothers to buy this stuff for their birthday or whatever and do not care or do not know about the online communities of airsoft and just see it as some shenanigans his friends can do in the backyard or whatever. There are also all those casual airsofters who just play the game and don't join the online communities. I don't think its too odd that some of the nicer stuff hasn't been posted.
  22. It's like TM, but without the 1J and no-metal restrictions. How exciting.
  23. Depends on your local field, there isn't a nationally recognized set of rules for airsoft weaponry. I usually see things made of plastic, rubber, or foam though.
  24. A field called Tac City(you may have seen it in ASGI's CQB videos) near me, has a rule similar to this. But they test the accused player if he is accused of cheating by shooting him themselves at a random time(s) during the game to see if he'll call his hit. You might want to have a similar system to this, as I think it is an effective system to find cheaters.
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