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  1. lol, come on guys. You had a 72% chance of getting something average, just because none of us here got something awesome means we're not part of the 28% that DID get something awesome. The orders here are probably not too close to 28% of the 210 boxes. We don't need these conspiracy theories here, I'm sure Evike sent out what they said they have sent out. They may not have the best reputation out there but they are not scammers.
  2. I believe the PCS is out of stock because of legal & business stuff with Shredder and Polarstar. The others ETAs, as stated previously are probably from China not liking airsoft and US customs not liking airsoft.
  3. Probably from a banner, avatar or a sig. sometimes images taken from google or somewhere will be from a site that might possibly have malware and chrome sees that site's link and thinks theres going to be malware.
  4. The TM MP5's INNER barrel is attached to the flashhider? That doesn't sound quite right.
  5. AEPs are upgradable, but the only parts are high-quality Japanese parts like PDI and Nineball that are a bit pricey and hard to find in the states, but I think Airsoft Atlanta has AEP parts. With an AEP gearbox, you shouldn't ever need over 300. When my JG skorpion worked it was wonderful for CQB at 260fps unupgraded. With the 50$, I'd attempt the lipo mod in the AEP section and get more magazines, or put in a tightbore & firefly bucking for accuracy.
  6. As long as you're shooting 300+ I'd use the G&G .25gs. I also like Tokyo Marui, Bioshot, and BB King BBs.
  7. This. You can find used JG/Cybergun SIG 552s for really cheap if you're lucky. I got mine for 60$ a while ago, leaving you a lot of room for extra mags(which can also be found dirt cheap on KHmountain and Kapowwe), batteries, upgrades and gear. If you're not into upgrading, I'd look for a used high-end G&G, TM, ICS, etc. P90, MP5 or UMP. If you look for them you can find them within your budget. I'd look for a G&G Combat machine or a JG if you just want to get something new & straight from a retail store.
  8. Well, the Situation from Jersey Shore has a workout DVD for 8.49$ on Amazon.
  9. G&G SIG 552, Tanaka SAA, a G&P, Inokatsu or other externally and internally wonderful GBBr, any good classic, uh, a HurricanE metal bodied TM/JG SIG 552.
  10. Southern California is actually one of the best places to live for airsoft. We have the two biggest retailers in the US and a bunch of fields.
  11. How u do dis? oh yeahs, and anyone have experience with dream army or element bucking?
  12. I'm thinking of switching to high-caps. Nobody makes good SIG mid-caps. TMs feed great, but they're $20+ a mag and like 40rnds a mag and my MAGs only get to 60rnds before refusing to take any more BBs. JG high-caps can be found for ridiculously cheap on KHM, RSOV and Kapowwe. IMO, its all personal preference. I don't judge people's skill on their mag selection.
  13. A lot of people like the WE G39c but a lot of people absolutely hate it. Very mixed reviews from what I've seen. I know zendell or whatever his forum name is has it and hates it.
  14. Top rail doesn't come with Cybergun rebranded JG Sig552s, or any other SIG 552s except the normal JG SIG 552.
  15. I've never stumbled upon a JAC anything ever while viewing Asian retailers. Aren't they a classic company that stopped making stuff forever ago when airsoft was young and gasses and air tanks ruled the airsoft world?
  16. The GBBs and the memory foam are the best. Any way you could get GBBR or a grenade launcher?
  17. except Glock doesn't like airsoft companies making Glocks. People like Glocks because they look and feel good. It's also a very recognizable gun used by many law enforcement officers and whatnot.
  18. Well in 2 separate days of CQB using a JG Skorpion as a primary I managed to Break the bottom(baseplate?) of the magazine off a stick hi-cap and stick standard magazine. Break the winding wheel of the 300rd hi-cap drum magazine Lock-up(or something) the lil tiny AEP gearbox that I don't want to open up because I don't know enough about AEPs and I honestly don't care to learn about it. I'll probably put it up for sale or something later. Someone out there might want a parts AEP and some Skorpion mags. Oh yeah, and one time it was really windy and I lost everything in my JG M4's box, the styrofoam stuff, manual, unjamming rod, bb stuffs. Not too bad. and uhh... my friend though my MAG M4 midcap was a high-cap and he tried to wind that little plate that holds the spring in, lost that too.
  19. I've never bought from KHM but when buying/calculating cost+shipping on other HK based sites like eHobby I always save money if I'm buying just internal parts.
  20. Well Blackwater(now Xe) is a real private military company and well, Mr. Paintball is a paintball park filled with paint.
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