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  1. The M1 garand is semi-automatic for one, which means that you don't just spray and hope you'd hit the head of the zombie since as you should know, a headshot is the only real way to kill a zombie and with an automatic weapon you'd be wasting every round of ammunition that isn't a headshot and if you spray and pray you're very unlikely to get a headshot. The M1 Garand is a very durable weapon that was used by the US army for a very long time. With the M1 Garand you'd pick your shots wisely since you know you've only got 8 per clip. Also, you can stick a bayonet onto an M1 Garand But, the M1 Garand also sucks against even zombies in WaW(which was a failure of a game) and is only worth using in hardcore possibly as a semi-automatic sniper rifle, as said above by dutchmandan. It's also much lighter and easier to carry than a bolt-action rifle or an automatic rifle with all that ammo you'll need to use it. If you're too lazy to read all of that I'll sum it up in one sentence, the M1 Garand is amazing.
  2. I just started in January so I just have a slightly used stock JG M4 Commando which I got for around 80$
  3. I guess I didn't put up enough options just put whatever's closest to how often you go..
  4. I've been to Airsoft Playground and I'm probably going to try Jericho sometime in the coming few weeks or months, but I want to know my other options.
  5. Just out of curiosity. EDIT: Forgot to make it a poll
  6. M1-Garands are probably the most amazing gun ever produced by man. The feel of jamming a clip into the gun and the sound of the weapon taking the clip and popping it out 8 shots later giving you that satisfying "PING!" it's a gun too good to be true. According to the Zombie Survival Guide, they'd be your best bet during a zombie invasion. Too bad I don't have an airsoft M1 Garand, or a real one and too bad it kinda sucks in CoD:WaW.
  7. www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJtgXkJFnyw I found this video on this site a few days ago, it's pretty amazing.
  8. Alright, thanks guys I think I'll get a few mid-caps.
  9. Do mid-caps require winding like the hi-caps do?
  10. Thanks, do you think I can play with just a high cap mag or should I go and buy a few more mags?
  11. If I have a JG M4, what kind of magazines do I use? I can use just about any m4 magazine right?
  12. I realize this is a few months late but, is there any place that sells this gun still?
  13. Do the old KSC USP Compact magazines work with the new KSC System 7 USP Compacts?
  14. I'm not really looking for a specific type of gun, I just want a good CQB weapon and that looks pretty good I might get that.
  15. What's a good first gun for me? I'm new to airsoft and I play at a CQB airsoft field with a 350 fps limit.
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