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  1. Well, I'm not familiar with the Tactical Force brand but I assume they use a standard V2 gearbox in their MP5s, if so this FTK should work.
  2. Why do you need an FTK? Are you upgrading to improve anything in particular?
  3. If you use high quality BBs like G&Gs, Bioshots, etc. You shouldn't have any problems running high ROF through a tight barrel.
  4. Warped OPS in Castaic Blackwater(Now Xe) training facility is having an airsoft grand opening. It's in San Diego, really close to the border
  5. http://www.eliteairsoftbatteries.com/ Elite cell batteries are the best priced, best performing NIMH batteries I've used and many people on this forum like Elite batteries as well.
  6. Not at all common, I've shot thousands of BB kings and I've never seen any mishaped ones, just a billion imperfect ones with dimples and such.
  7. don't be afraid to buy from this guy, I got the 2 midcaps, 2 tm standards and rail mount a while ago. he is great with communication and shipping was quick too. I have no doubt that this is a great gun and I would've bought it if I didn't already have a SIG 552.
  8. Yeah I see imperfections in BB Kings all the time but they shoot well, its pretty weird. I've never seen anything THAT bad though.
  9. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/upgrade-part/pa...iston-blue.html I'd rather get that piston. I don't think you need that many metal teeth in a high ROF setup.
  10. I'd get 9.6v nimh or 7.4v lipo element high speed(or even a high torque would be great) motor reshim & regrease AoE correction SHS piston Sector clip If you already have a good battery get a high speed gearset.
  11. lol, multicam doesn't help at all in an urban setting.
  12. Well you can get a laser or a flashlight... You can get pretty decent cheap ones for >30$
  13. Why do you need them to be bright anyways?
  14. Yes, especially if they're AEP glocks. I've seen quite a few people play well with AEPs in CQB.
  15. 1 point, it's simple and I feel like I have more mobility with one points.
  16. By "blacked out" do you mean the trademarks? If so, you probably won't find a US based retailer with the trademarks intact. You can look at UMAREX and Cybergun rebrands, they legally get trademarks to put on other AEGs and rebrand them. Cybergun has Sig Sauer licenses so they have trademarked KJW Sigs and ICS & JG sigs as well.
  17. But make sure its 100% silicone and read Opsic's greases lubricants etc. guide. I think it's in upgrades or AEGs or something, it's pinned so you'll probably be able to find it.
  18. The only weird colored, high quality BBs I've seen are tracers or heavy weights. Madbull and Guarder make weird colored .40+g BBs in green and stuff.
  19. Well, shipping from an HK site can sometimes be high but once you compare the prices with a US retailer you'll either be around even or you'll save money from a HK-based shop.
  20. Well, they're an HK store selling ACM gear, of course they're going to be cheaper than ASGI and Evike. I have no experience with them but they're ASF sponsors and usually ASF sponsor sites aren't scam sites.
  21. If you use the regular search function it'll sometimes change it without your approval, so use advanced search instead.
  22. That'd be a lot better and a lot less messy. Since you have the rails anyways on the shotgun you'll be set.
  23. Once you stop being one of those kids that stays back all day with every-day clothes you stop being a newbie.
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