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  1. You shouldn't lube the hop up because it'll get all slippery and not have enough friction to put an effective backspin on the BB. The only time I ever have silicone in my hop up unit is to help slide it on the barrel or to help slide it into the hop up unit.
  2. Laylax, Modify, Guarder, Deep Fire, 5ku, Element, Asahi, Jac, UHC, MAG, Airsoft Elite, etc. . You are nowhere near close to all of them to be honest. There are a TON more that I could name.
  3. If only they had midcap boxes of those kind of mags.
  4. and moms will go "what? GUNS ARE ALWAYS BAD AND CHILDREN SHOULD NEVER SEE GUNS EVER IN THEIR LIVES BECAUSE IT WILL GET THEM INVOLVED IN GANGS AND CRIME AND JAIL AND DRUGS" I think you should just organize to go airsofting to a real field after school or on the weekends like normal people do. Getting the school involved will be a lot more hassle than it's worth.
  5. My UHC spring revolver, I think it shoots around 120 fps. But then I got a JG M4 that shot right around the 340-360 range.
  6. eHobby has KSCs for 8$ a bag. But I prefer Bioshots and BB kings over any other BBs I've used.
  7. You know what'd be innovative? Sniper rifles that can compete out of the box or without extensive upgrades, and by compete I mean meet or exceed the range of a similarly priced AEG.
  8. Well, Kapowwe has a live feed of their "boneyard." Sometimes you'll see huge stacks of rebranded JG M4's, AKs, and SIGs and sometimes you'll just see a bunch of $%@! on the floor. They also have 6-packs of boneyard JG or JG rebranded SIG 552s for sale most of the time incase you feel like getting a couple to tinker.
  9. "manufacturing airsoft products on site," You say? American-made airsoft guns sounds exciting. Are you going to be allowed to take & share pictures & things?
  10. What BBs are you using? Using high quality heavy weight BBs will reduce groupings amazingly. Get some Bioshot or BB King .25gs or higher and see if they help.
  11. If you want to do a Naked Snake loadout, I found this tutorial a while ago. http://crumaharashop.com/?page_id=26 Pretty dang accurate.
  12. +1 Theres a ton of hello kitty stuff on ebay. You should get little hello kitty keychain/cellphone thingies and put them on your sling mount(s). & get the pink G&G combat machine or paint a gun hello kitty ish.
  13. Actually, I've heard many good things about Y&P NBBs and those are less than 50$.
  14. The one who can get the most 1337 360 noscopes. lolol. I voted patience, camouflage, and stealth.
  15. mrquackbunny

    BB Recommendation

    Bioshot BBs. They're having free shipping for the rest of 2010, so go pick some up before tomorrow.
  16. I got a refurbished Cybergun/JG SIG 552 for 60$. good stuff.
  17. The fact that there are no brand names and it just says "upgraded ___" for every part makes it look pretty sketchy to me.
  18. gisanta ending 12/27/10. I think its like 12% off but it doesn't say anything. It's for their New Years boxes. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=7473
  19. I don't know if you guys realized this. But it was necro'd to bring up a NEW idea, an auto-winding non-drum hi-cap. You should READ before you assume it's just "another hi-cap vs. mid-cap debate..." So he could not have "used the search button." I for one am looking forward to seeing this project, even though I don't really like hi-caps or the idea to be honest. I just like innovation in airsoft, makes things unique and interesting.
  20. How long are these sales going to last? I need to get some Christmas money before I can indulge in this wonderfully priced airsofty goodness.
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