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  1. Point is if you want something done because they screwed up file a RMA#, now he just looks like a douche because none of you can read.
  2. Madbull launcher ACU Molle hydropack and NBB ppk all sold. and bumb
  3. You need to file for an RMA#, its pretty clear on their policy page and its the only way to get something done from them. Ive had to file for an RMA twice and both orders were fixed asap. Chances are their going to see your box and open it and place your replica back up for sale. Hints "4) All packages without a RMA# issued will be refused or discarded." in their policy page so sorry you just lost a replica and your money, I suggest trying to file for a claim through your credit card.
  4. MadBull Short Grenade launcher-$100 24 25 27,28,29,30, 1)Acu Jacket medium* 2)Acu Pants medium* $45 $35! for set used only 3 or 4 times-sold 3)Matrix Tactical Systems Light Weight Combat Simulation Vest "Metal Gear Ciras". (OD) never used $70 sold 5)MP5 holster never used $25 6)left hand holster black $15 7)Molle 1911 pistol holster black $15 8)Molle hydro back pack-bladder $10 9)JBU Kurz M4 Suppressor $40 10)Well mp5 full metal gear box abs plastic body its old so the springs been through some use last chrono was about 240ish? $30 spf 11)Broken we tech luger, not sure whats wrong with it could possibly just need a good cleaning pull the trigger nothing happens maybe someone else can fix it $45* spf 12)luger mag $20 13)luger mag $20 spf 14)Mp5 star 30 round mag $5 15)foam? swat vest good for loaner to friend in cqb or w.e $10 sold 16)UTG tactical vest $30 17)UTG economical vertical grip $15 18)non blow back ppk $15 19)tomb raider gas non blow back $10 20)non blow back tippman glock(slide broken, still works) $25 21)tomb raider gas gun mag(may leak) $5* 22)tomb raider gas gun mag(may leak) $5* 23)replica acog red dot sight $50 $45!! 24) 3 mag drop leg cqb $55 25) Medium ACU Combat Pants and Shirt set $90 $80!! (I will part these two for $50 $45! each) 26) Crye precision copy armor $90 $80!!-Sold 27) FastMag Gen2 M4 Magazine Pouch X2 $10 each 28) Small Utili Shingle Stackable Pocket $10 29) EB MOLLE Tactical Magazine Drop Pouch Tan $10sold 30) Copy Blackhawk HellStorm Kevlar Gloves Khaki $10 sold 31) WE Full Metal Black Dragon X-celerator Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun w/ Split Competition Slide $80 (used only once or twice right side safety switch fell off but left side still in tact) sold *means price negotiable more stuff will be uploaded later feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best to answer and I am open to trades depending on what you have to trade and what you want to trade for p.s. some numbers are mixed up and what not but I'm sure your all smart enough to figure it out
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