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    well d94s (m4/m16 varient) m16 commando (coming in the mail) dboys metal body awaiting build. :)
  1. how do I check this? when I look at it I can see it go back however I don't think it goes back far enough. thanks.
  2. hi I have a metal dboys body that I bought I don't really think im going to use it right now im looking to trade for a "sniper rifle" I also comes with a ambi mag release(don't think its for this gun though) and single point sling attachment for free I'll do my best to answer any questions. thanks.
  3. I have a m4 with a metal gearbox I believe its a jg m16a2 commando... when I put in my mag and shoot nothing comes out I also took out the mag and flips the gun over ( carrying handle to the bottom) and inserted a bb into the hole and shoot and nothing the bb just sits there.... does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with this?
  4. can you get me some better pics of the green pistol grip on the top right (of all the grips) thanks
  5. im with them I don't know much about airsoft yet but I went ahead and bought a (well m16) a uk arms gun and its accurate about 15-20 feet roughly but it mainly just sucks if you want a "good" gun look to spend a tad bit under/over 100 bucks.... myself im just piecing together a full metal m4 series gun already have my metal dboys body and a parts gun coming in the mail.
  6. no pics but I got a 1994 acura integra gsr and a 97 civic hatchback.
  7. pm'd just need a shipped price on the commando and I should be taking it. thanks.
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