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  1. I am clearing house of my Airsoft product (Which I mainly did WW2 based). I've since moved on in the sport (for now) and started purchasing real steel as surprisingly there are more real steel ranges for me to have fun then airsoft fields. None the less these are all packages and aren't going to be separated, do not PM Me asking to part out magazines as I won't. Please don't pm with different offers, I'm not looking to sell quick and this money is just going into the general real steel fund. Prices are without shipping and will all be shipped by UPS. All are functional and been used on the field a few times each. Additional pictures of rifles can be provided as per request, All rifles are without major cosmetic defects (Just regular wear and tear from the once a month play time) 1) ICS M1 Garand & 10 ICS M1 Garand Magazines - $430 Barrel has been upgraded and hop-up bucking. Also shimmed to prevent the semi auto jamming that occurred when the rifles were new. 2) King Arms Thompson & 5 King Arm Magazines - $165 Stock, works great (Plastic wood version). It includes the 5 mag pouch. I bought this before it started becoming the Cyma/cybergun gang bang or w/e. (It came in a king arms box quite a few years ago) 3) KWA M4 Commando & 4 KWA M4 Midcaps - $215 Was my local CQB gun when I played at strike force in long island and sometimes a back up gun. Literally only used less then a dozen times. 4) Elite Force M4 Competition & Hicap - $130 I won this at a local field game and probably only shot it a few times to confirm it works. 5) ICS Grease Gun & 3 ICS Hicaps - $165 Fielded a few times, works flawlessly. 6) WE Desert Warrior 1911 & 2 Magazines - $85 Was my original pistol till I got my hands on a more original 1911 for my ww2 loadout, works fine. Mags don't leak. 7) KJW 1911 + Magazine - $75 (At Cost $120) A little hungry for gas but works fine. Mag's don't leak.
  2. I paid for a month so I could start selling some gear again and haven't gotten any PM or account change so I could start selling properly? I notice this sites been a little dead but are the admins or mods still active here?
  3. thats around 730fps with a .20, gl getting that field cleared.
  4. I'm looking for the M1A1 wood kit or someone willing to sell their king arms m1a1 thompson with real wood. I'm not looking for the chicago "gangster" one sorry. PM Me or post here.
  5. I haven't won a mystery box but I've won other guns from them (Classic army AK etc).
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