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  1. GAH! why do you haev to put this up for sale RIGHT after I bought an mp5..... Trade a Tm Tracer Unit for it + cash?
  2. stop necroposting people. I would love to see some mods taking care of this stuff, like ya know moving old threads to the archive section like they are supposed to maybe?
  3. So a month or so back there were all these mk 23's for sale.... what happaned?
  4. No, I sold it along with the AUG, wouldn't have done me any good to hang onto.
  5. looking for a TM Mk23, preferred with lam still intact. Must still have silencer, spare mags would also be good yp or tm. check my sales thread if your looking to trade. will also trade for a KSC Mk23 if its upgraded. Not looking to spend to much due to school. Offer up http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/CA-Aug-A...2#entry18118272 (my sale thread)
  6. Can you post pics of these two crane stocks 24. Classic Army Crane Stock $35 25. Unknown Plasticy feeling Crane stock & Buffer tube $20 also, you don't say it does, but does the CA crane stock come with a buffer tube?
  7. Bump~ M93r is sold locally my buddy with the saw really wants it gone so offer up people
  8. Free Bump 226 is being traded to me =) (like I said it will be shipped monday)
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