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    I started to play airsoft because I want to go into the military when I come of age. I want to know what it is like or at least a little experience. I respect those who have served and LEO'S. I like physical sports (no video games) I LOVE AIRSOFT & FOOTBALL well thats all folks

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    C11 airmag. cybergun FAMAS. crosman m70, TSD sport NgBB M9. all authentic tactical military gear.
  1. how old are you?. how this forum has not changed since the last time I was on.
  2. as for me, me and a few friends (2 too other people) were hiding behind a barrier, and the opposing team (a bunch of Newbies) can chargin at us from 3 different directions, the funny thing is we had been stalking their team for like 10 minutes, (2 people from their team) and then the rest of their team came rushing at us, we were like "ohh :censor:" never underestimate a nood .
  3. This is not, And I want this loadout to be better than my last one.
  4. The machete and MRE are just for kicks, the shovel is practical on my end, and a shemagh seems un-fitting for this load out, also, I have a (MI) helmat, would this work better for this loadout?.
  5. I can see my self buying on of the CHICOM, and maybe a SHEMAGH, but a true geurrila, uses what he can get.
  6. I am planning to setup a new load out soon, the theme shall be an Airsoft Geurilla. So far I have few things towards this but let me list everything that will be part of this load out, boonie hat, JT PB goggles, bandana, (MI) woodland camo coat, OD cacky pants, Columbia boots, (MI) combat belt, (MI) canteen, leg holster, (MI) alice pouch, and a machete, all of my other gear (like flash lights, face paint, knife ext.) angle head flashlight, T5100 motorola talk abouts, ammo, (MI) pocket knife, speed loader, LED MAG light, small first aid kit, survival shovel, co2 cartridges, poncho granola bars, water (in canteen) and maybe a MRE. (MI) = Military Issue Ok thanks for your time, -Collin
  7. Hi, My name is Collin , I am 13 years old, and I have been airsofting since I was 8, I hope to join the united states army for money for college. I hope to be able to access the "hidden forums". -Collin
  8. This must be a really really old tread by now, but does anyone know if this place is still open? 15,000 sqaure feet is pretty big, and this place sounds kinda good. -Collin
  9. wow this is sad, I tryed to help and got flamed, even in the most non-elitist person, they will show a little bit of elitism to me, this is sad, and you all show qiute a bit. -Gcollin (the universaly hated person)
  10. hey guys, just sent this. Dear mr. hampton, Hello sir, My name is collin goll, I am a 13 year old airsoft enthustiast. I have been playing airsoft since I was 9, and to this day I own at least one crosman gun. I am unable to get ahold of a pro-grade airsoft gun, but I am happy with my crosman C11 for now. It has always been my dream to be able to walk across the street to my local walmart and buy a high qaulity airsoft gun for little money. In my position I am un-able to spend several hundred dollars on a JING JONG, CLASSIC ARMY, TOKYO MARUI, OR G&G airsoft rifle, one thing the company's I named lack, is affordability, and that is one thing your company does not lack, buying a co2 airsoft handgun (crosman C11) for the small price of 40 dollars is amazing, or a automatic airsoft rifle (crosman m70) for for the small price of 20 dollars, is even better. I am rough on all the airsoft guns I buy, and I am very sad when I break one of my crosman airsoft guns, as I always have fun when using a crosman, there is something about your guns that is funner to use than pro-grade airsoft guns, maybe it is the fact that crosman corparation is a american company?. I very much hope to see a american pro-grade airsoft gun company, and I would love for crosman to be that "company". Thank you for your time sir. -Collin Goll
  11. EBHM4 WOW DUDE HIGH FIVE, THAT IS AWSOME YOU GOT A RESPPONCE. Guys no one should copy his email that he sent, the crosman corparation, might think they are being tricked or something. (no one quote to that last sentence of mine, we do not want to screw anything up) and another thing, EBHM4, if you talk to someone who has some power in the company, your gonna need to kiss some , seriously. (or just use your telapathic abilities) EBHM4 if you get a reply please include the email address of the first lady you talked to. -Collin
  12. Hey thanks for all the replys guys, but if I might ask to keep this to movies only, airsoft replicas are very very commonly used for tv shows, because they don't have a real big props budget, thanks guys. another thing, a picture would go awsome with a guess of a gun from a movie scene (if possible). ok thanks guys, and keep up the great guessing. -Collin
  13. I have a couple of evil little plans,,, lets have a forum member get a job at crosman, then in like five years he will be the crosman CEO and he can make them make better guns. another one, lets all (every single last forum user) of us send a letter like the one that started this thread to crosman, because 40,000 peoples opinions (I think there are like that many users) will matter qiute a bit... -Collin
  14. Hey guys,I have not been here in a while, this thread is for the true airsoft enthusiests, if you have seen a movie and noticed that a gun in that movie was an airsoft gun (airsoft guns are commonly used for movie props) name the movie and the scene from that movie, and please try to be specific. Lol well I will start, die hard 2, when the terrorist general pulls out his gun on the pilot of the plane, he is holding a colt 45. auto, but the barrel is the size of a airsoft bb so I am assuming it is a airsoft gun... ok who ever wants to continue from there, please be my guest. p.s it is good to be back on the forum
  15. try 0.1g bb.s. try a different gun get a different gun use a different gun
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