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  1. So I still have this.... is it worth anything ?
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, IIRC the everything in the gearbox is systema parts, and I think the gearbox itself may be systema as well.
  3. Giving this a bump, still have the gun and no use for it
  4. 500 OBO, can provide any pics asked for. Will take down gun for internal pics for a serious buyer
  5. It has been me all along, I have owned this gun for 7 years I'd say. I quit air soft about 6 years ago. The gun has seen 2 big games and several weekend pickup games. If I have an actually serious buyer, I could potentially take the gun to a local field/shop (Airsoft CQB) and have them strip it down and certify it or something for the buyer ( would probably cost a little)
  6. Also, I received a PM about parting the gun out. That is not happening, this is either selling or not selling as the full gun and listed acc.
  7. Wow you people are paranoid, I guess it is reasonable though with a high ticket item. I'm not sure where this guy is pulling his prices from , but I'm not asking $900... Here is the pic
  8. Definitely not a scam, I have not played Airsoft for several years and it would be nice to sell to sell something which I'm not using. I can provide full pictures, etc. on request. I have set the reply to email me now should I should be able to get back to anyone ASAP.
  9. Yes, I don't want trades, thats why the topic is "FS:" not "FT:"
  10. Please contact if inteested Skatinbeast I assume you are not ?
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