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  1. PMs responded to. Kimber is gone along with Serpa package.
  2. The bumper'd mags yes, I will part. The mags should work with the gas system it has. It's either SCW2 or SCW3. I'm not entirely sure which it is but a quick search should answer that.
  3. Kimber with the mags $130 shipped. No shipping charge on anything else!
  4. Bring it up. Nobody has interest in anything?!
  5. M9 Safariland is gone. Please make offers!
  6. Kimber $130 shipped without Serpa, $145 with.
  7. Bump. Someone asked for hi-res pics of the Kimber; KJW M9 is SOLD. If you see something you like, don't be afraid to offer. My car's undergoing an engine swap and I need $$$!!!
  8. One time offer, I'll sell the Kimber $170 shipped with the Serpa. Need cash big time.
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