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  1. I stopped playing roughly 5 years ago and after a visit to ASGI I found brand popularity and quality had changed on many fronts. Most of my old stuff is back home/broken, so I'll just be starting 100% fresh. I need a plug and play AEG for ~400 or less. Pref AR's, MP5, AK etc. The actual gun doesn't really matter, just internal quality in that price range. Cheers! Also, will be playing in SoCal now, so HMU if anyone is around there.
  2. I'm 5"11 and a half and used to weigh 275. I bought a Pantac RRV, fit me just fine. I now weigh 185, same Pantac RRV fits me perfectly.
  3. I'm looking beyond nominal features like stock type and those things. The only huge difference I know of is the split GB design, which I've been advised is pretty reliable. I'm looking for comparisons in field performance and extended reliability. I don't want to have to touch the gearbox if I don't need to, after all this time I just want an AR I can pick up, shoot, maybe drop a barrel in and use for a long, long time.
  4. If I go the AR route, need help in a decision. Go!
  5. It's no PC, but you would be rather hard pressed to find a quality piece of kit for the same price that is purpose built for the ugly, yet beautiful magazines of an AK-47. Pantac AK Rig That, or do 'Murrica, and yourself a favor and buy from the guy above me, can't go wrong with LBT!
  6. Turtletech, I feel like its their loss completely and entirely, you're just riling yourself up getting angry at mishaps done by other players. But to attack a point about what people wear (not tactical gear quality, as you've explicitly stated): I wear Chucks, some tightish jeans, a white T, tan ballcap and my Pantac RRV; does this make me a bad player because I don't regularly run in BDU's, but rather wear civvi clothes? Food for thought. Its been said players mean more than the gear, and its all too true.
  7. I've owned a CYMA CM050, and used an 050A. Both are awesome, awesome starter guns and if you like the AK platform, theres no better first choice in my opinion. Also, don't be afraid of the rails, they're actually a polymer material, should do you fine.
  8. Six year necro, impressive. The force is strong with this one.
  9. Love the 'no-necro' policies of the polls section... Way to scare away 'new' players with elitist attitudes... Where I come from, there is a group of guys named S.L.A.P. or Saint Louis Airsoft Players. They fell from popularity when they started a trend of snobbish elitism and pretty much shunned anyone that hadn't been with them for years, alienating new people. You might consider not doing that? It would really help all involved to just be civil if you disagree with someone. And <AT> AKFTW, you are a repeat offender in my eyes when it comes to being outright rude on these forums- it does your image absolutely no good. does not work, don't imitate.
  10. I've been playing airsoft pretty consistently for about 6 years, and I've got myself a pretty good idea about what brands are good and what brands aren't. I've heard good things of ICS, and firsthand I learned their MP5 is a quality piece of kit.. My query is about the split-gearbox design: Is it structurally sound? Worth the dough for an ICS CXP-16 ~($340)? I worry mainly about bad AOE and stripping me some pistons, something ill avoid if I can with an old gearbox design. My concern lies with that and that alone- I'll try to avoid making this a "which gun" thread best I can, but if the split-gearbox is looked down upon I'll probably revert back to my old plan of G&G Top Tech. Thanks for any input on the subject gents (and ladies).
  11. That's woefully unhelpful. Anywho, someone said it above, FPS is near irrelevant. That TM M4 of yours would actually be outperforming the KWA if both were stock. If you're choosing between the two only, KWA would be the way to go- the 2GX Gearbox adds a bulkhead for durability and though they have some unique parts, stock KWA AEG's are highly reliable. WE is budget, bottom line. Although personally I would go with a TM-compatible AEG like ICS or CA or G&P or the like, of the two you've highlighted a KWA 2GX will do you just fine.
  12. Like you said in your post switching out to a flight suit is called for. From what I understand that is the norm, but its a minor detail unless you're making an impression.
  13. Says the pseudo 'BOSSMAN' toting around a heavy handed age policy- that is the very soul of maturity; prejudgements based on age...
  14. Local tech here, will definitely be able to help you out. Kind of a big deal around here, too. Oh, and I know you IRL. Hey.
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