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  1. Possible Deal on the Way, Just keep the Offers coming though.
  2. Alright fellas, Time for a rant. I'm trying to sell or trade this gun for a friend, and that "Friend" is more like an overweight Son of a . Not only is he incompetent at airsoft, he is So picky, he makes a 6 year old at the dinner table look like an optomist. Now let me tell you, this is waiting for an offer, and as soon as he gets a Good one, I get to stop helping. So please guys, end my suffering by making an offer on this Rifle. At this point lowball me if you like, I just like to see PM's Right now... So please do a person a favor and offer up on this gun... Bump I guess
  3. Possible Trade in progress, keep the offers coming though.
  4. Looking for a G&P or any other brand, M4 M500 Front Handguard.
  5. Bump Apparently According to the Previous owner, This is a JG Bar-10. Who Knew? Well it's a JG, but it doesn't affect performance whatsoever, its still an awesome Gun. Keep the Offers Comin'!
  6. Bump Forgot to mention, comes with 2000 Madbull .36g bbs and an Extra mag.
  7. Rules: Paypal Only Trades: MP5's P90's M4's or Scar's. These are PREFERRED, I will consider other trades, So offer up! These are the Upgrades: -laylax 6.03x430mm inner tightbore barrel -laylax barrel spacers -nineball bucking -PDI piston sear -PDI set pin -PDI trigger sear -PDI BaRiKaRu compo piston -PDI 9mm spring guide -PDI 140% spring I am Asking $350 OBO, But trades Are Preferred. Any Q's? Feel free to PM me.
  8. Interested in trading the Custom/G&G M4 for a Built/Upgraded TM VSR-10?
  9. Hey guys, I got my S System and I need to know what grenade launcher looks/feels best on the gun ((Trigger Guard against mag) Basicly which fits snugly... Price obviously doesnt matter Thanks
  10. I'd stick with Xm8, the new reinforced version is apparently alot better, I don't know for sure but I saw my friend chrono it in at 350
  11. mrbojangles

    Gun Camo

    I'm Planning on putting a Digital Woodland Camo on my JG M4 S System, but I don't know where to get a kit or who to go to to get it painted. Help?
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