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  1. With your goal of an open chested rig in mind, might as well 86 the idea of a plate carrier, and instead dive head first into chest rigs. With that said, I personally have experience with a few high quality pieces that fit the bill. So, we want a rig, pref lightweight and in CB or tan. Well, my first recommendation is the Tactical Tailor MAV or Modular Assault Vest. This is an extremely low profile option and will definitely fit the pouches you would want to add. It is MOLLE so pouches are separate, and a belt mounted holster opposite your dump pouch would be advised. The second option I present is actually the same rig I own, the Pantac RRV, or Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest. This still does avoid being a plate carrier, but has potential to carry a bit more in various places. For added mobility and chest breathability, the "bib" or the flap on the chest can be folded down. Even still, if you wanted to keep the bib up and mount a pistol holster or admin pouch, you would still have plenty of room inside the vest. These are just personal opinions, but fit the bill you were looking for in my opinion.
  2. USCAV, skdtac, lapolicegear... Most sites honestly are trustworthy. You would be hard pressed to find a non-trustworthy site. Of those though, I am biased to USCAV, and make many orders there. Quick shipping, too.
  3. This is the first year my team and I will be able to realistically attend AMS' OP Broken Home (formerly Oklahoma Invasion.) Any other ASF members that are tentatively going that would like to discuss an ASF squad?
  4. Free bump for a future serviceman. Prospective MOS?
  5. What I have on the chopping block today is a VFC AK-47. Originally an AIMS, the blowback feature was removed by a previous owner. Internally: The cold truth is that the gun isn't doing its job. It's firing, and it sounds great and cycles cleanly, however there appears to be either a compression problem, or more likely, a hopup problem. To be clear though, it shoots fine, but the BB's are having travelling issues - some might fly and some may fall out of the barrel or drop after 30 feet. Something that can be easily fixed I'm sure by someone with enough motivation. I however just want to shoot guns and not worry about small problems. It is for this reason that its going so cheap. Externally: This gun is a gem. Not necessarily in pristine-ness(If thats a word) but in quality of parts. Body and all metal is parkerized steel, and looks and feel great - and rather heavy. From back to front - Stock is solid and works great, high quality Romanian style stock. Also have a solid wood/real AK stock that will be included. On the body of the gun I have JB-Welded a sling mount on the right side, as I am a lefty shooter. Its rock solid and isn't going anywhere unless you want it gone, also does not stop stock from folding. All else is solid and looks like a used AK. Forward I use black furniture - including a railed gas tube, on which is mounted a Docter Micro red dot (included) and a Magpul RSA to help slinging and can be turned either way via an allen key. On bottom is a black plastic handguard. Also to be included is the original Romanian handguard and a wood upper handguard. Barrel is in good shape and the flash hider can be easily removed to reveal a 14mm CCW thread. Also on the body, I did a bit of dremeling to make more mags fit, now KA midcaps fit in just fine. I'm sure others will as well. Will also include an Elite 7.4v Li-Po battery with deans connectors. Gun is wired to deans. For pricing, I'm honestly not sure what its worth in this state. but I feel $170 Shipped for everything: Gun, Extra externals(RSA, Wood furniture) A few KA mags that may or may not work and possibly the Docter sight (Possibly...) is rather fair. Obviously this is OBO, so throw whatever you have at me. Pics of extras upon request.
  6. Need a railed AK lower handguard, specifically one that will fit a VFC-AK. Basically, real steel esque piece. Also need a Blk Magpul (Or knock off) RVG. Thanks for looking!
  7. I'll second Weasel in giving props to the RRV. Mine is Pantac, but brand really isn't that big of an issue so long as you surpass Condor. (Yes, EI > Pantac) It is an extremely versatile system, and it can be as low profile as a TT MAV or as high profile as a bigger plate carrier, almost resembling a CIRAS. The options are endless.
  8. At least you were able to come to the conclusion that crossdraws suck on your own! Anywho, I'll go point by point. 1. The RRV (OE Tech's "MOD" vest) is a well designed piece of equipment. Condor/OETECH however, does not do it justice. If you're going for an RRV style vest, go Pantac, or Eagle or a better brand. With your budget though, I can still recommend the Condor MOPC. Good price, and very good quality for Condor. 2. Good pouches, my friends who have them like them alot, but they do make dump pouches a necessity. (Mag re-insertion is ridiculous) 3. Good eye looking at a dumb pouch. I would strongly recommend though to avoid MOLLE based dump pouches, as they are not near as convenient as belt mounted ones. Their capacity is lower and they take up more room. The Condor Condor Belt-Mounted Dump Pouch is a much better option in my opinion. 4. Utility pouches are nifty, go ahead and grab one. I always have one on my setup. I'd pref Condor/Pantac over NcStar though. 5. Balaclava is a personal pref, not really necessary. To each is own in this category. Overall, you just need minor adjustments in your loadout choice. I would strongly recommend though avoiding black, as it is simply not as good - in any situation. Again, this is opinion, but many would agree. Good luck in your loadout!
  9. This.. Got my RRV from them. I'm not sure why'd you be skeptical, prices are in-line with most Pantac retailers. You can trust Redwolf. One of my favorite retailers.
  10. This is long overdue, but the gun has been traded. Please close! Thanks for all of the offers, guys!
  11. On a laptop - bear with me. <AT>Weapondrift - I love my RRV, the design in my opinion is excellent. Gives you plenty of space and is extremely customizable. I would however avoid the Matrix brand as far as gear goes. I use a PANTAC, and it serves me well. <AT>jombojuice22 - You make valid points, but it's honestly a trivial argument to make. If you have boots, wear them. If you don't, buy some. Movement is simply easier than tennis shoes or the like.
  12. AOR2 =/= MARPAT Emerson probably makes some replica pants, try ebaybanned.
  13. He means the Masada is superior in looks and performance. In my opinion, the Masada is superior as well. Gearbox is OEM'd by G&P, and the externals are amazing.
  14. Hai Guize! I'm getting back into the AK business (where I belong) rather soon, and I've been looking into the magazines I'll be using. My first thought was "damn, I need to change the layout of my PC..." Out of lucky curiosity however, I found an old, broken AK74 Mag fit just fine in Open-Topped M4 magazine pouches. With that said, I've begun my search for the best feeding AK74 mids. I found that G&P, MAG and LCT all make the mag type I'm looking for. The gun they'll be going into is a VFC AKM. My question is, of the above mentioned brands, which is the best to stick with, or is there another brand that would be better? Again, I'm looking for BLACK AK74 Midcaps. Thanks! (Trying not to break ~$75 for 8, but that's not a firm price.)
  15. For a holster setup I personally recommend a Blackhawk! Serpa Holster. You can google em for the specific gun you have. Whatever holster you get, Serpa or otherwise, get a Kydex holster. Nylons are just meh. +1 On revisions. As far as BDU's go, it depends on pattern/brand. Choose these based on environment. For woodland, go Woodland, MC, RG, Flecktarn, DPM, MARPAT etc. For Desert, Despat, MC, 3/6 Color desert, whatever works. You can expect to pay ~$40 per piece depending on brand and camo. Also, I'd advise against black gear, make the gear go along with your camo. So Green based loadout (MARPAT, Woodland, MC) go with an Olive Drab or Ranger Green Plate Carrier/Gear. If it's tan based (3-Color Desert, MC, DESPAT) go with Khaki, or my personal favorite, Coyote Brown gear.
  16. Sorry Kavurcen, that offer scares me a bit. Both the Dboys and the fact it's a short AK, as I'm trying to get a bigger primary. PM me regardless. Bump. Lots of offers.. Keep them coming.
  17. Super, super early bump. Trying to get on schedule. Apologies. Sorry SoCal, but I'm not really interested in GBBRs.
  18. If I do, I'm sure you'll still be able to see my pro Sig/Avatar in the gear section! Ermmagerrd Bermp! Also, since my technology finally decided to start working again: Pic below. Apologies for the bleh quality, best I can do. *Aimpoint not included, just showing off the Optic Rail.
  19. Howdy all, welcome to my "I might be quitting, I might not be, it really all depends on how my life goes for the next few months" sale. One thing I do know however, is if I do continue to play it will be with a larger primary. I have a Lightly-Used on my end Real Sword Type 97B, with aftermarket Optic rail as well as a Magpul MOE rail segment attached on the right side. Also has a Gemtech Blackside Barrel Extension. Inside is stock except for a 6.03mm Madbull TBB (Installed by previous owner, along with MOE rail) For a gun its size, it shoots straight as an arrow. Consistently hitting a man-size target at 150-200ft. Previous owner chrono'd at ~350. With RS quick spring swap that can be adjusted easily. The ROF is impressive with an 8.4v battery. If you're looking for a CQB Weapon, this is for you. If you're small and looking for a field weapon, this is also for you. If you're big and like cute little things like this gun, this also happens to be for you. You can't go wrong with a Real Sword. Included is: RS T97B 1 STANAG Mid Capacity magazine, King Arms brand. Gemtech Suppressor and Original Trumpet Style flash hider. Optic and Side rail. Madbull TBB DOES NOT INCLUDE REALSWORD BATTERY.* The above is important because this gun uses a very weird battery, proprietary to Realsword made specifically for this gun. I use an 8.4v mini that comes included with China guns, attached to the side of the gun. I believe a 7.4 or 11.1 LiPo depending on size should fit in the gun. Pricing: This gun, where it can be found in stock is usually sold for around ~$450. I'd like to get around $350 shipped to ConUS for it, as it has only seen light use from me. Pics up later Edit #1: Trades: Offer up.. As I said I'm still not sure, but if you've got a primary you want to trade offer it up. Any model, just make sure it's quality..
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