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  1. Bump... Final price drop $450 Shipped. Price is rather firm, but still feel free to offer up.
  2. I would think old M81 woodlands would be the best. Much, much darker than CADPAT, which is good b/c subtlety is the most important thing when sniping.
  3. Bump. Dropping price to $480 OBO. Remember, this includes: Gun: $320 (JB-Weld was in preemption, for durability, just as a reminder) 6 Extra Mags: $240 Suppressor: $40 Now including AFG: $40 Now including XTM's ~$20 You'll be saving almost $200 if you choose this route over retail. Gun is like new, only used a few times.
  4. Lonewolf is just trying to keep you from blowing up a $600 gun and having to completely replace the internals. Only use safe parts in that gun imo.
  5. There's a few things that need going over, and I'll try to do it as simply as possible. The gun you bought has a few things wrong w/ it if you're trying to achieve the setup you posted. As of now you have a full stock, and your gun is wired to the rear. In order to even consider switching your stock to a folding/retractable M4 type, you need your gun rewired to the top. I wouldn't recommend doing this yourself, but there are videos and guides everywhere if you're feeling adventurous. Doing this will allow your battery to be place in the top cover. Unfortunately, you'll have trouble changing the type of stock on your AK. Partly b/c it's a clone, your options are limited. You might be able to attach an M4 buffer tube or something of the like, but the gun you chose basically predetermines the stock. You can get a PEQ box, but I've never seen an AK w/ a battery in a PEQ, mainly b/c there's no point. You'll be fine with a stick type in the top cover. As far as battery brands go, I would get an Elite brand battery, best I've ever used.
  6. This is the only issue I've ever had with them. Eventually they just refund you regardless. Still a good company IMO, especially for the price and the products they carry.
  7. To clarify, owning a Mich2000 doesn't automatically qualify you for milsim. I'd look into your local milsim website and see what you need, b/c each one usually has it's own requirements.
  8. Get the Green Gas version. Be sure to get all Green Gas mags. Like he said, CO2 will damage your internals because it's a more potent & volatile gas. In FL, you don't need to worry about cold, so the GG/Propane one will do just fine for you. As a side note, I love my WE SCAR, and it's similar in design to the M4, you've made a good choice with WE for a GBBR.
  9. Blacktalon just explained to you how 2 VFC's he owned broke, while his two WE's worked perfectly without hassle...
  10. W/o owning either the Condor MOPC or the Pantac 6094, I can only make assumptions. We can assume that the Pantac 6094 is of good quality (I can attest to this myself, I own their RRV, love it.) We can assume their cummerbund system is better. I can't say much about mounting a pistol holster on the C-Bund, but I would think it'd be odd to place there. Could get in the way of the arm, be awkward to reach for, etc. However the chest area, above mag pouches is a common place I've seen holsters places, especially on the 6094 style vests. SOF do this with this specific type of vests and others similar, so I can only assume it's effective. As far as the TAG Banshee, I've never owned a TAG, but I have heard good things. I'd say go Pantac, but again, that's just me.
  11. You've actually got quite a bit already. MARPAT is a good camouflage, darker than most and works well, so the boonie is just preference, but the pants don't need to go anywhere. Rather than plain Black Jungle Boots - Sage Green Combat Boots might work better, as they are thicker, padded and green in general. Great for where you live. Are those OD goggles you're talking about revision? Like I've said before, ACU is crap and gives you away above anything else. On top of that, I'm not sure 50k rounds in a 3 day pack is really necessary. You might revise that strategy to say, 1 bag of .2's and 1 bag of .25's in a smaller backpack strapped to MOLLE? This is just to help you, as you don't need to mule that much ammo, unless its a multi day OP, even then. Holster can go straight to your new PC, if you like that setup. OD in color I assume? You might also consider replacing your Web belt with a MOLLE battle belt, more modern and easy to customize, also match color to the rest of your kit. All in all, to make your kit nice all you need (and this is purely my opinion) are some new boots, a new PC with a backpack, maybe a new belt, maybe 86 the boonie for an OD ballcap and you're set.
  12. Back up to $500, make offers.
  13. Tiger stripe would work just fine, and yea a current gear list and amount of $$ that will be available to you would help.
  14. A few things to note: if you're trying to do an inspiration/impression, then that's alot of $$ down the drain, and I mean a ton. Secondly, "Tier 1 Operators" or SF don't really have specific uniforms. They can basically do whatever they want, so you can't really imitate one, only use their style. With that said, I can tweak a few things on your loadout. RG Pants - They use whatever BDU's they want as far as I know, so RG trousers are fine (for your area specific loadout, but a current day operator would likely use a tan shade of gear. Black boots - Much like the color of their gear, nowadays Desert Tan/ Sage boots tend to be the new boot color, imo better too. ACU Top: I hate ACU. I know alot of the Army hates ACU. On top of that, it blends into absolutely nothing, so of course no SF are going to wear it. If you do want a Camo top, just get RG to match your trousers or go MC. (If you're staying on the inspiration) RG Plate Carrier - Be sure to buy a nice one. Other than that, the type you buy is all preference. Mich 2000, I've heard good and bad, but unless you're buying chinese clones, prepare to drop a ton. You can get the same effect of the "Tier 1" look by just buying a ball cap. TL;DR, copying MOH is really just setting up a kit you find easy to use and reliable, b/c that's what they do. If you're bent on having a Camo, MC is the way to go, maybe MARPAT, just get something effective if you're doing a camo. Also, if you do buy a Camo, it works much, much better if everything you have matches, I.e. Top, Trousers, maybe helmet/gun/PC. Also, why ACU sucks. This is the only thing on planet earth it blends into. Rather effectively I might say.
  15. RG is fine, darker than OD. Remember though, unless you're fully dressed in a camouflage, or solid color, it doesn't entirely matter.
  16. is always a possibility. Moving on to what Wonderbread said... The setup he proposed uses a Condor Plate Carrier, among the lower quality gear brands out there. He then uses Recon-Tactical mag/dump pouches that cost almost as much as the Plate Carrier itself. I would again like to personally recommend Pantac Gear as it's of much higher quality than Condor, albeit a bit more expensive, it will hold up much, much longer. For pouches though, there really is no need to dish out a ridiculous amount, and this is the only time I'd condone purchasing Condor gear. Big difference between: OK Plate Carrier and Good pouches Good Plate Carrier and OK pouches You can set up a Pantac Rig such as the RRV (a rig I personally use and recommend) with Pantac or Condor pouches for well under $200. Also, on the Multicam thing, like I've said, there's no need to purchase it since you play indoors (even if it's only half of the time) OD or RG would work just as well and be cheaper.
  17. Edit: Not parting out unless someone wants to buy all of the spare mags. (6) For This night only, $470 Shipped and it's yours. Back up to $500 at 12:01 June 8.
  18. Thickness isn't the issue, it's durability. I really can't recommend wearing a gas mask unless they've been tightly fitted with ANSI rated lenses. Also, the above mentioned plate carrier appears to be an SOTech Plate Carrier. (Special Operations Technology)
  19. I'd have to disagree with the drop leg holster part, a lot of people dislike them, very clunky and get in the way of running. Especially with a heavy GBB pistol on. Might I recommend buying a holster that fits onto your Plate Carrier itself, like This Setup? Another Pic w/ Similar setup, on a Standalone PC This setup is preferred by a lot of SF, it allows for a quick draw w/o reaching your arms odd places, and puts the weight in an area where you won't even feel it. SF operators and trainers use this quite a bit, that's why that Afghani Police Officer is wearing it as such.
  20. I'm not sure what he means about OD adapting to light, but OD is a pretty universal color that's proven itself after almost a hundred years of use. For Florida, I'd recommend either OD or Ranger Green (Darker than OD) as a solid color will do you more good than Camouflage. (Indoors I mean) To re-iterate though, unless you are actively switching indoors to outside, it doesn't matter what you wear. But if you do want to wear OD/RG gear I'd recommend Pantac Gear, as it's affordable and high quality. Propper or TRU-Spec should be able to fulfill any clothing you might want, and your local surplus store I'm sure will have boots you'd like. I'd also recommend a Camelbak, I've heard Florida is just as humid as Missouri.
  21. As far as camo/loadouts being effective in indoor areas, especially factories, let me be the first to say Camouflage doesn't really matter. If you're playing in a CQB environment it doesn't matter if you're rocking $20 Jeans or $200 Crye pants. Whatever you find works for you and allows you to be high speed will make you the most successful. With that said, a gas mask might not be ideal simply because of limited vision. So protip, just play in what you find most reliable and comfortable. Hope this helps.
  22. Well From what Ive seen of Florida you should be fine with any type of Green camo. And considering AOR/NWU was made for NSW, I can only assume it's a good camouflage. I'd say give it a shot, pics of legit AOR are always welcome of course
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