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  1. Either way you go, all CYMA AK's below CM.048 are all Marui clones. They're good guns all around, and a teammate of mine has that specific gun. A bit on the heavy side, but it does the job. However, if you've got about $200 ish to throw around, I would recommend the CM.048 weapons or higher, as they clone VFC, and have better parts both inside and out. The CM.048 is an AK74 The CM.048M is an AKM The CM.050 is a Romanian AKM The CM.050A is a Romanian Tac AKM Hope this helps, and good luck with your buy. My AKM lasted me a long time, and served me well.
  2. His name is Seabee, so assuming he's actuallly a Seabee, that means he would've been issued AOR 1/2.
  3. Look for some replica CHICOM chest rigs.
  4. I already replied, no thanks man. Not really what I'm looking for. Remember guys, OBO, offer up. To clarify what I'd be looking for in a trade, AR's - Pref M16 series & anything that uses STANAG, or AK's Some LMG's
  5. Bump. Few offers, but remember cash is king. $550 OBO
  6. Looking into selling my newly acquired Gen. 3 WE SCAR Open Bolt. Love the gun, fun as hell to shoot, but I'd rather have a Kdub SR series. From back to front, here's the status of the gun. Stock, works perfectly, dismiss any rumors of a collapsing stock. I've JB-Welded the Stock nut, it's not collapsing any time soon. Trigger Group/Lower Reciever: JB-Welded the pin that holds the Hammer's roller bearing in place, heard it had potential to come loose and make the trigger assembly defective, not on my watch. Also swapped stock pistol grip for a MagPul MOE grip. Super comfortable. Upper Receiver/Bolt Assembly: Cleaned and Oiled before and after every day of games, expertly taken care of. Absolutely no functionality problems. Front End: Took off stock flash hider and put on Gemtech. Shoots great, less than a month or two old, no problems whatsoever. Comes with: 7 Magazines (All Tan, Propane/Green Gas) MOE Grip (Very, Very comfortable, can ship stock grip if buyer prefers.) Gemtech Suppressor in Tan (Can be swapped for stock Flash Hider [still Blazing Orange]) Magpul XTM's, AFG, Magpuls and Red Dot are not included unless the buyer really wants them. Pricing The Gun is $320 new. Each Mag is $40 a pop, multiplied by 6. ($240!) The Grip was $20. The Suppressor was $40. Plus, if asked for, the AFG was $40, XTM's came out to be about $20 for 1 set each of black & tan, Dot sight isn't for sale. With all that together (The things that come with the gun regardless) it totals to $620. I'd like to start pricing at about $550 Shipped OBO, please, toss offers on the table. Trades are meh, you better dress to impress. I'm a fair guy, just toss a PM my way, worst I can say is no. (More pics can be posted or sent upon request, just tell me what you want to see.)
  7. Look up "thejedi270" on YouTube. He makes some excellent videos regarding the WE SCAR and maintenance of the gun He will tell you everything you need to know about running it smoothly.
  8. You're going the wrong way with this. Try naming the team after something you or your team can identify with and forming it into a cool acronym. Inductive vs Deductive reasoning ftw.
  9. I don't really care how people pronounce stuff. But I absolutely HATE it when people say: A-U-G Rather than Awg (AUG) and Famous rather than Fuh-Moss (FAMAS)
  10. I've used both weights to a good extent in my current gun.. For .28's I turned to G&G's Bio BB's. These are extremely consistent and good quality, as well as +1 for the environment. For .3's I went to KSC's Perfect series of BB's. These are possibly the best I've ever seen or used. No issues whatsoever.
  11. Also voted CYMA. Never owned a TM so I can't vouch for it, but had I left my CYMA alone it would have lasted an extremely long time. The mass majority of my team has some form of CYMA AK and they are the least problematic when compared to Combat Machines/Other rifle types. Also, V3 by far. V2's are poo and we all know it.
  12. Just to chime in here.. Yes, what the kid did was beyond the normal threshold of average high school stupidity. But if anyone says he DESERVED to die, that's disgusting. I'm sorry, but the moment you go around dictating who lives or dies, you're no better than a murderer. It sickens me that people feel that death is a deserved punishment for not yet being mature. Grow up. Last note to Jimmy: I hope one day you realize how horrible of a thing that is to say. On top of that, I hope the lesson you learn directly affects you in one way or another, because god knows that's the only thing that will change your mind.
  13. I believe what he meant was send you the pieces he wants painted. That's probably preferable, less shipping cost & hassle. Keep that in mind for the future. Also, if you're going to try to become successful here, familiarize yourself with common camouflage patterns and what guns look good with certain amounts of paint distribution, and what guns look good in in general. Try to learn about the weapons themselves, and what you would need to be careful with. ProTip: Learn to Paint MultiCam and you will quickly become a rich man.
  14. Just to chime in on the idea of building a fan for the respirator- I've seen it done. While the guy didn't go into detail, he kind of showed how it worked. The two holes where the filters were were cut out and replaced with mini-fans, wired to a battery compartment in place of the front cap. Left side was incoming, right was out. He said it helped a ton, but it was also on a different respirator. It can be done, but how to do it I'm not 100% sure. Just my .02c
  15. So in my search for the best AK midcap for the price, I've gone through the following: MAG AK47 Waffles (All 5 broken, double stacking) G&P AK74 style (Bought 1, never fed correctly) G&P AK47 Regular style (Double stacking again.) So if there's anything I can do to extend the life of these magazines, I'd like to know. Also, if someone has a suggestion for a good mag that is compatible with VFC AK's, any help would be awesome. Thanks, Bojangles.
  16. I own this gun, and would just like to say that without preparing it for a LiPo, your piston will strip in seconds. I put an SHS High-Torque in my gun using a 9.6v Elite Battery and my piston stripped. Like someone said before, your downfall at that point would be your AoE. As far as I know, the stock AoE on CYMA's is ok, but will strip in a minute if your ROF is too high. Put some work into your gearbox before you attempt that. Reshimming and greasing wouldn't hurt either.
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