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  1. I would love for a few of you guys to come down and have a game with us. Most of us don't wear any camo or vests except for a couple of us who wear BDU/ACU. Half of us use JG/AGM high end Chinese guns and the other half use whatever we can get our hands on let me know when a couple of you can come down for a game and I will let our players know we got "Challenged" by some out-of-state players. PM me for my email address.
  2. Casual airsoft players looking to play with other teams that are willing to come to La Grande Oregon for a game. If you are interested or know anyone who would be post here and I will give you details. Please I have been trying to mold these newbies for some time and they need exposure to serious players to take them to the next level. I will work with you to get you here just tell me what you need and a time!
  3. On an average day... Primary: TM Mp5, 375 FPS + 300Rd Hi-cap + 50Rd Mid-cap x3 Secondary: UHC S&W M45 ~ 325 FPS 12Rd mag x5 Clothing / Protection: BDU Shirt/Trousers Under Armour Tshirt JT tactical mask in olive green -OR- Altair Z87 rated saftey glasses. Rocky uninsulated hunting boots. Socks and underware of course ;P Other: Thunder B sound grenade. ______________________________________ Thats about it. I like to travel light, quick and quiet and spearhead most attacks so I expend myself quickly either in ammunition or respawns so I don't bother taking loose ammo, reloaders, etc.
  4. Well I tried it and it worked, I may have to put in a M120 though because with the stock spring the RoF is insane. Multimeter reads 11.25v on just a 4 hour charge, but that's normal right? The battery and charger remained stone cold the whole time.
  5. Ok so this is my first post here so here goes... I recently purchased a well R5 that had no battery. I figured one of my 7.2v LPEG batterys would suffice but, not surprisingly, the motor hardly clicked in the handle. So I ordered a 9.6v 1400 mAh Tenergy (which I recieved today). My question is will my 7.2v 250mAh charger charge my battery? I was told by customer service that it would work but just take longer. Its on the charger now on its 4th hour of 5 1/2, but is this going to cut it? And if so are there any ill effects to be had on my battery?
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