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  1. Whats the purpose of winding the mag? I am new to airsoft .. How often do I wind the mag? Can anyone help me with this process? I am using the stock mag that came with my Echo 1 M4
  2. I just got an Echo 1 M4 .. What does the forward assist knob do? It can easily be pushed in .. But whats it purpose? Can anyone help? Yes I am an airsoft Newbie ..
  3. Ended up with the UHC 1911 .. Ordered it today ..
  4. Hey, thanks .. Yes it does help .. I will take any help I can get .. I have been checking out airsoftgi.com quiet a bit .. I just purchased the Echo1 .. Now I am looking for a pistol .. I really like this site
  5. Has anyone used UHC pistols from Airsplat? Im curious if for the $20 they are worth it ... Comments?
  6. Im looking at an Echo1 M4 .. I like those pretty well .. Definately don't have the money to invest in anything too expensive (ex. CA)
  7. Hey everyone. I am completely new to airsoft. Figured I would give it a try. I have been shooting for 5 years, and thought I would try my skills in airsoft. Right now I don't have any gear, but I am doing my research on the right AEG .. I decided to join the site and learn as much as I can. I have never been in the military or law enforcement, but the airsoft games have intrigued me. When I am not researching Airsoft I am repairing computer problems and playing Xbox 360 (mainly Call of Duty 4) .. Thanks for listening and hoping I learn some good stuff Anthony
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