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  1. Really upgraded CA g3 for$650 OBO. Systema revolution drop in gearbox. 280ft accurately.
  2. Okay thanks. I had a feeling its the reversal latch. I messed around with it to see but it kept doing the same thing. I'll try a different one. Thanks for the help.
  3. Okay so in semi I have to pull the triger twice for it to shoot. First pull you can hear it cycle a bit. then 2nd pull it fully fires. I'm thinking the reversal latch isn't working and something else also dealing with the trigger assembly. Shoots in full auto fine too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLynka32SMs
  4. Want to buy a KSC g26c upgraded or not. Message me your price SHIPPED and pics. I know how much these go for new so don't try to price it higher than retail.
  5. I havea ksc m9 with alot of extra parts and upgrades. $120 shipped. 2 mags.
  6. Haha I read through your whole sig. And I am a snsiper lol. Bump for you
  7. Same. It's $10 to ship it from asgi alone. This is a better deal!
  8. I know that rydeezy won't get both guns, I was just trying to scare him, but then you came and corrected me. Anyways, all I'm saying is Ship it now or Face felony charges against you. I was told Zy was about 17? That means you can still be charged as an adult. I'm done writing in this thread because enough was said. I hope he does the right thing because his rep as a airsofter will go down to 0 and life will be hard with the felony charge hanging on his back. Later! P.S. - Thanks madkows for making me write all this. It will help fellow airsofters in the future to know what to do if they read this thread!
  9. Please read over what I wrote before you go and say stuff. I DID NOT say it was under a law. I said WITH THE LAW INVOLVED meaning police officers being involved. Online scams are actually a felony offense and he will be charged with fraud. As of now it is known as a scam because the seller has not yet sent the item within the RESPECTED date that the trade was made. It's not like we were going to go up to his house and beat him up like back in the high school days. Also he would have to pay double or triple the amount if rydeezy do actually brings him to court. Couple hundred on a lawyer and he will also be charged since it's a given fact that he failed to the agreement him and rydeezy had made. So in that case he will lose. Rydeezy already has a lawyer preparing lawsuit papers at this time. Just giving Zy one last chance to ship it before Rydeezy actually does do something about it. All this would have been avoided if he wasn't so lazy to ask anyone to ship it for him. It's been 3 weeks going on to month!!!!!!
  10. With the law involved he will willingly give over both. If not then he can pay fines double or triple that amount and I'm pretty sure he would rather do what I wrote up there.
  11. how Is he trustworthy if he lied twice and admitted to it. He may be trusted before hand but not today or anytime in the future. I can tell you that for sure after people see this thread.
  12. ALL LIES. This is a bad seller none the less. Can't you have your mommy or daddy send it to the post office for you? It's almost been a month since rydeezy has been waiting. Trust me I know I ask rydeezy everyday! Zy said he sent it twice but it was all lies. We have been anticipating this gun for a long time and all this time we hasn't even moved a leg to try and ship it. On the last note, we came up with a conclusion that if it doesn't get here by next weekend we are coming down there and getting the spr AND rydeezy's cqbr back and you are gonna give us gas money to go back also and you won't do about it! Enough said!
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