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  1. I'm the one in the middle with the Oakleys, and the SR-25
  2. Ok lets get this right, A "sniper rifle" is a BOLT ACTION single shot rifle, and SHOULD not be shooting Semi-auto. Now, I refuse to play at a field that does not chrono, so partly that is your fault. Every field I have been on it's 450FPS DMR(which is a Semi-auto AEG) and that engagement distance is still 100 feet. There should be ABSOLUTELY NO aeg shooting over 450, especially not 560 with .25's, so that is a bit crazy.
  3. I'll be living in texas within 4 days. Currently I'm on a team who plays 1-2 times a week. SO I'm looking for anyone who might be recuriting or can just play with me when I get down there? PM me and I can call/text you
  4. Well, a gas rifle makes a tiny "psht" sound that's easily deadened with a foam filled suppressor.
  5. Lol thats the same reason I left paintball.
  6. Anytime dude, just tring to prevent depression when you play, we don't want you to hate the game. =P
  7. Expect to dump over $400 into it. No offense, but SO many people want to be a "sniper" when they join airsoft, cause of snipers in video games. Well let me tell you this, I have ALOT of experience as a Sniper, and is NOT EVEN CLOSE to a video game. there's so many factors in sniping, and it can be very frustrating, your better off getting a KWA M4 or G&G m16
  8. Lol, sorry to burst your bubble dude, but your NOT gonna get a good sniper rifle under $200, Mine cost over $500, and it's still NO where near what you expect, and I have a parts list that adds up to over $500(which I'm FINNALY buying parts for).
  9. Well I'm tired of GG/Propane giving me incredibly inconsistent shots. So I have decided to go to a HPA/CO2 conversion. I'm moving to Texas in about 2 months and am not sure if I should go with CO2 or HPA. Since cold isn't really a factor in Texas I was leaning more towards CO2, but am still unsure. I would like to do CO2 cause I can order the coldshot(it's not that I'm afraid of tapping my mags, I worked in a machine shop for 4 years, I'm afraid of making a rig that will blow apart on me). SO... I need some help here my 1st question is HPA or CO2, 2nd is what parts do a I need to build a rig for HPA or CO2, and what will be the general cost to build it?
  10. And if ur comfortable enough.. u can tap it your self, and build a right for like $50, a reliable one
  11. Well there is several ways to go about this, but first I'll explain the difference between all this postban stuff. The "ban" was an FPS limit set in Japan, now I don't actually know what the actual limit it is, but its some where around 300FPS. Tanaka rifles (PREBANS) can shoot anywhere from 0fps-500+fps. They do this with the Power Control System(or pcs for short). Because of Japan's FPS limits, they removed this PCS system and added a restrictor nozle. Now the new (POSTBAN) Tanaka's can only shoot 300fps with this restrictor nozzle. HOWEVER, many sites offer the "export" version, this is the Tanaka with NO PCS, but the nozzle ristrictor is removed, and the gun will shoot about 475fps. BUT there is also another way you can go which is the way I went, order from Hot Spot Airsoft, for 2 reasons. 1. they drill out this "restrictor", and actually makes the nozzle bigger than the export version. Mine, that I ordered from HSA, shoots over 700 fps on GG, but your suppose to use duster gas/(available at any local staples or computer stores) or freon(HFC134a) 2. If you order from HSA they are in New York, not Hong Kong. so if u have a problem with it, you can send it to them and they will usually get it within 2 days, not 2 weeks, and they call u the day they get it. Me, being a Newbie with gas, never lubed the mag spring, and if u didn't know propane dries everything, so my gun would literally stop firing. So it only took 2 weeks to ship it there, have them look at it, and send it back, in the time it would take to arrive in Hong kong. SO, to answer your question, NO it is not pointless now, you just have to know where to look before you buy, if you want anymore advice just PM me about it, I have one, and I love it, they are a class about everyone else when it comes to quality, look, feel, performance, and reliability. P.S. Make sure u use .40's+, I'd recommend .43 from Madbull(order from trinity airsoft), anything lighter will just curve violently also I'm not sure about this, but u can also order the G&G power bolt, which I THINK has a control nozzle also I think this is the longest post I've ever made, haha
  12. found a house in mansfield, it just depends on what happens with our house
  13. Bump, and TY admin for removing that
  14. well it looks like ill be moving their in 4 months to a year so see ya then
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