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  1. G&P or Tokyo Marui. There is a reason why G&P guns are used for alot of customs, they have steel exteriors, and decent GB's while retaining 100% TM compatiblity. JG's and CYMAs are good base guns if your not sure about the sport, but if your an adult and you make halfway adult decisions then you're probably pretty serious. If this is the case go with the former. If price is really a problem, try to find a gun used, if you buy from a reputable community member all the kinks will be worked out of the gun, and you can often find ludicrous amounts of upgrades at next to nothing prices. BTW; Florida has a HUGE airsoft scene, they hold the AI 500 event there every year. I would try to find some one in the local community that is good and see if you can get them to mentor you. For gear check out my guide.
  2. Car wax or shoe polish works well as anti-fog. You can also use soap, potatos or apples!
  3. You can drill really small vents at the top of the lenses if you need to, 4-5 on each side. I wear shooting glasses and I don't really worry about it. Don't think that just because they are "full seal" they are better. If you are constantly taking them off every 10 mins because of fogging that is a HAZARD. Even worse, all to commonly I see people remove the vents in flakjaks, those are worse than shooting glasses.
  4. Don't worry too much about gun color, I'd just get it in black and paint it, maybe strip a few spots to break up the color.
  5. HAHAHA, Dude, do you even realize who you are talking to?
  6. You always focus on the front sight when shooting. RS or Airsoft.
  7. Mcnett camo forms if you want to remove it, spray paint for a quick job, water transfer if your're hard core
  8. Dear god I have started a flame war, I did not realize that this was such a sensitive topic, and for that I am sorry ASF.
  9. Hint; if you have metal working equipment, you can alter the barrel and make a huge scene about crappy QC and get a credit back. Of course, return fraud is Illegal, but I did hear about it in my local community.
  10. Buy a water transfer kit, painting is happy and takes too long.
  11. There are like 6 o rings (guess). One on the bottom near the fill valve, and like 3-5 near the release valve at the top, I suppose the gas route at the top of the magazine can be considered another specialized one. Google up GBB magazine maintenance or teardown and you will have all the info you need.
  12. Take a paint marker, spray paint whatever. and paint the bits around the top of the mag that will be HIDDEN inside the mag well. then insert, reinsert 20 times and analyze for a wear pattern.
  13. Very descriptive BOOM! done Edit; keep in mind, most clones are made by 5 yr olds in CostaGaudaMexiRico, so that mag still might be mucked up. Try teflon tape to seal it.
  14. Buy one off the MIA forums, they have some pretty good guns listed right now. (I'm from MI too.)
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