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  1. look like a good gun not a fan of the M9, but if I was I would be getting one of these
  2. My good friend has one. Congrats you have owned all of those rifles. I chose to spend more money with my real rifles than my airsoft stuff but your choice. You might know more about airsoft sniper rifle. lets see you step behind a .338 lapua and see how far you go
  3. Firstly you can kiss my . Secondly I have contacts who have the Well l96 and the stock is not very durable. The UTG L96 has a metal sub frame not the Well L96.
  4. Get a hard bucking. a soft one would rip to easily
  5. yeah pretty much I would recommend painting the gun
  6. The well l96 has a REALLY cheap body it will break pretty easily
  7. I would suggest .25 bbs it is only shooting 400 fps with .2s
  8. those barrels are okay I would get a EDGI or something similat
  9. I would say just make it so it fits snugly over the barrel
  10. Yeah unless ur me and plan on taking the extra real steal Remington 700 stock you have and putting it on your KJW M700. Which will probably put my gun over 1000$ but oh well it is just laying around
  11. I think so it wouldn't hurt to try the Bar 10 mods on the AGM MP-001
  12. Please go in detail about what kind of elbow grease
  13. yeah but if the gun is so long you have trouble crawling in a ghillie with out being detected whats the point?
  14. Yeah if you get a PDI hop up you will be able to use any AEG barrel. are you sure you want that long of a gun? you would need a silencer adapter just go on evike and look under accessories then mock silencer. to me the gun would be to long
  15. http://www.edgicustom-usa.com/products.php Mk96 the barrel you are suggesting would be a little long. These barrels are great and they are made here in the USA so that means quality
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