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  1. Little bit of a weird one here, but! I purchased the ASP SVU from Evike as a boneyard rifle knowing that there would likely be something wrong or missing once it arrived at my door. Well, everything else was there from the dog tags they come with, to the manuals with parts diagrams! Everything except the darn handguard's, how they ended up not in the box is beyond me but anyways, I'm looking for them. If anyone has them, please shoot me a message and I'll get back to you. Thanks! BrotherNick
  2. Honestly if your looking for your first with a good price range, try to go for either a Classic Army, ICS, And G&G. I have owned all three and I have nothing bad to say about them.
  3. Well I hate to tell you this but you should have not taken it apart. Doing so you voided the warranty if it came with one. The reason for the lock up is most likely your tappet plate. And the reason nothing is happening is something in your wiring is messed up or completely fried.
  4. I have a real deal ACOG and it works great. It gives it that extra range of sight.
  5. I agree with a minimum engagement distance. And I was asking the same question about the PSL. I don't think they have been made yet. But a person who is good with machining tools could make one.
  6. No. You can ship it as is. The only thing that is illegal is taking the Airsoft gun into public which is a dumb idea anyway. So anyway, even though the orange tip is gone you are good to sell it
  7. You must be an authorized seller to post things for sale. Reported.
  8. Interested in an upgraded SCAR H for the SR10? Please pm me at your leasure
  9. I can honestly say I am like superman when it comes to that stuff. Im immune to poison ivy/oak, bee stings, and tiny fiberglass thorns. I have no idea how it works. My friend took a video of me rolling in it without a shirt. Not a thing but a scratch from the dirt.
  10. Upgraded SCAR H. PM me if your interested.
  11. I thought those pictures looked familiar! Ah another local forum member joined the big boys :P. Good to see you made it here angelust. Regards. Nick
  12. I hope this isnt a real fire arm. If it is, you could be in some serious trouble with the law due to the fact that all firearm sales are banned unless you are a registered fire arms seller which is unlikely. So heres a word of warning. DELETE YOUR POST! This is honestly for your own sake. Have a nice day. Nick
  13. You wouldnt happen to have extra lenses for the ESS turbo fans would you?
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